Research from HSB shows 46% of workers have suffered loss or damage to their work IT equipment


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    • 46% of UK workers have damaged or lost work-related IT equipment, with laptops and mobiles cited as the most vulnerable items 
    • One third are unsure whether their business insurance policy covers work equipment used at home

    Research conducted by HSB (UK and Ireland) has revealed that hybrid working practices are posing increased risks to businesses in relation to computer insurance. HSB's survey of employed or self-employed workers highlights that 46% have lost or damaged work IT equipment, with laptops and mobiles accounting for 64% of items, followed by computer accessories and desktop computers. 

    Typical causes include wear and tear, physical damage from trips or falls, spillages and theft. Over half (54%) of those who admitted losing or damaging their work equipment experienced this whilst commuting. 

    Supply chain issues pose new challenges for businesses 

    Worldwide computer chip shortages have impacted the availability of computer equipment and parts; causing delays for repairs and replacements. 

    HSB's survey respondents indicated that 55% of computer equipment issues were resolved within a week, while it took 1-2 weeks for 26%. However, almost 1 in 5 respondents encountered delays of up to 4 weeks to repair or replace their equipment. 

    A lack of clarity around policy coverage 

    HSB's research also suggests some confusion and misconceptions about computer insurance cover which could leave some businesses exposed if they are not adequately covered. Despite 54% reporting that their business insurance policy covers work equipment used at home, 13% specified that it doesn’t, while one third of respondents admitted they were unsure. 

    Commenting on the survey's findings, Mat Prentice, Cyber Product Leader at HSB, said: "The popularity of modern working trends must be balanced with understanding the potential risks of businesses not being covered for their computer equipment. With the value of IT equipment having risen sharply over the past two years, some businesses could be underinsured if the sum on their policy doesn’t cover the cost of replacing or repairing computer-related assets."

    He continued: "To reduce risk, it's vital that they review what their exposure is and check they have adequate insurance cover for repairs and replacements to their computer equipment."

    HSB survey sample HSB’s survey was conducted during April 2023 with a sample of 346 respondents as a representative sample of UK working adults. Purposive sampling was used. Please note that we cannot guarantee that the views of the survey sample are the same as the wider population, however they are a representative sample.

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