2021 Events

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Date Description Location Contact
February 1-3 IIAT Joe Vincent Seminar Virtual
February 8-9 APCIA Executive Roundtable Conference Virtual jeffrey_oshaughnessy@hsb.com
February 24 IIAH Houston Insurance Day Houston, TX
March 1-3 WSIA Underwriting Summit Virtual
March 7-10 AGRIP Spring Forum Virtual TBD
March 9-12 A.M. Best Review Virtual
March 21-23 NAMIC CEO Roundtables Scottsdale, AZ jeffrey_oshaughnessy@hsb.com
March 29-April 1 WSIA Insurtech Conference Virtual kelly_stephanou@hsb.com
March 31 Buffalo I-Day Buffalo, NY ann_roemer@hsb.com
April 13-16 IIABA Big "I" Legislative Conference Virtual david_bergeron@hsb.com
April 18-21 RIMS Annual Conference Chicago, IL/Virtual david_mercier@hsb.com
April 23-24 FIWT Mid-Year Expo San Antonio, TX
April 27-May 1 CPCU Leadership Summit Portland, OR anita_arnold@hsb.com
May 3-5 Target Markets Mid-Year Meeting Tampa, FL anita_arnold@hsb.com
May 4-6 NAMIC Farm Mutual Forum Virtual patrick_clark@hsb.com
May 10-11 Independent Insurance Agents of Wisconsin InsurCon Wisconsin Dells, WI jennifer_ohagan@hsb.com
May 20-21 IIANC InsurExpo Winston-Salem, NC sue_boehringer@hsb.com
June 16-18 FAIA Convention Orlando, FL anita_arnold@hsb.com
June 23-25 IIAT Insurcon Annual Conference Round Rock, TX
June 27-30 CIWA Summer Forum TBD
June 27-30 NAMIC Management Conference White Sulphur Springs, WV gregory_jones@hsb.com
July 18-21 TSLA Mid-Year Meeting Vail, CO
July 21-23 Missouri Agents Connection Summit Osage Beach, MO jennifer_ohagan@hsb.com
July 21-23 NAMIC Commercial Lines Seminar Chicago, IL/Virtual ann_young@hsb.com
July 21-23 NAMIC Personal Lines Seminar Chicago, IL/Virtual douglas_behnke@hsb.com
July 27-31 Florida RIMS Naples, FL anita_arnold@hsb.com
September 1-3 FAIA Sales & Leadership Conference Orlando, FL anita_arnold@hsb.com
September 19-22 NAMIC Annual Convention Nashville, TN gregory_jones@hsb.com
September 19-22 WSIA Annual Marketplace San Diego, CA
September 23-25 CPCU In2Risk Orlando, FL anita_arnold@hsb.com
October 1-5 CIAB Insurance Leadership Forum Colorado Springs, CO jeffrey_oshaughnessy@hsb.com
October 4-5 IIANC Annual Convention Myrtle Beach, SC sue_boehringer@hsb.com
October 4-6 Insuretech Connect Las Vegas, NV kelly_stephanou@hsb.com
October 7-9 In2Risk to Go Orlando, FL
October 18-20 Annual Target Markets Summit Scottsdale, AZ anita_arnold@hsb.com
October 21-24 FIWT Annual Convention San Marcos, TX
October 31-November 2 APCIA Annual Meeting TBD jeffrey_oshaughnessy@hsb.com
October TBD AGRIP Fall Forum TBD
November 7-10 TXPRIMA Annual Convention Galveston, TX
November 14 TBD Tennessee PRIMA Cool Springs, TN sue_boehringer@hsb.com
November 14-15 TSLA Annual Meeting Austin, TX

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