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Say goodbye to excel and manual processes

With REALYTIX ZERO you can build, distribute and scale digital insurance products like never before! For primary insurers, brokers and MGAs, this means faster time-to-market and a quicker path to profitability.

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    Winner DIAmond Award
    ITC DIA Europe 2023

    REALYTIX ZERO was named one of the winners of the prestigious DIAmond Award for the most strategically impactful Show & Tell session at ITC DIA in Barcelona in June 2023. The compelling presentation showed how REALYTIX ZERO is changing the future of digital underwriting by harnessing the transformative power of generative AI.
    Winner DIAmond Award ITC DIA Europe 2023

    What is REALYTIX ZERO?

    How underwriting automation works with REALYTIX ZERO

    REALYTIX ZERO is a cloud-based, automated underwriting platform which helps launch, distribute and scale new or existing insurance products.

    With REALYTIX ZERO you can digitize, automate and launch any insurance product in days and adjust it in real-time using our no-code/low-code approach and seamless API integration.  

    Re/insurance. Analytics. Zero Code. Zero Effort: REALYTIX ZERO.

    What our clients say about REALYTIX ZERO

    "With REALYTIX ZERO’s unique self-configuration capabilities we are able to customize and adjust our Commercial Cyber insurance products really fast – in a couple of days only instead of months."

    Alexander Schudra
    ERGO Versicherung AG
    Head of Cyber

    Already using REALYTIX ZERO

    Chedid Re
    donau - Vienna Insurance Group
    Hansekuranz Underwriting
    Sura Seguros
    Unnio Seguros Generales

    The benefits of REALYTIX ZERO at a glance

    Speed up time to market

    Embrace the power of our API capabilities

    Reduce costs and increase efficiency

    Leverage Munich Re expertise

    Significantly reduce time to market—to just days or weeks— thanks to our unique self-configuration capabilities and a no-code/low-code platform to implement, adapt and scale products very quickly.
    Integrate easily with existing systems and multiple external data sources or modules (such as AI or machine learning algorithms) at any point in the underwriting process - with a plug-and-play approach.
    Start using our platform without the need for expensive and time-consuming in-house development or reliance on legacy technology. REALYTIX ZERO saves you time, money and resources.
    Get access to the power of Munich Re's analytics and more than 140 years of extensive underwriting and pricing experience to ensure informed underwriting and pricing decisions.

    Watch REALYTIX ZERO on stage at ITC DIA Barcelona!

    Join Florian Niklas, CEO & Co-Founder of REALYTIX ZERO, and Tanja Amling, Chief Product Officer, as they open REALYTIX ZERO's machine room and demonstrate how the power of AI is revolutionizing their digital product development process.
    Presentation starts at 1:25 mins

    How REALYTIX ZERO makes your life easier

    For Underwriting Experts... 

    For Product Owners...

    For Business Managers...

    Underwriting Experts
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    Product Owners
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    Business Managers
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    REALYTIX ZERO streamlines the process of creating insurance products that can be distributed and made available to any distribution channel. 
    REALYTIX ZERO is the most flexible and efficient solution that allows you to quickly launch products and adapt to changing market conditions by using data-driven insights. 
    REALYTIX ZERO is the best solution to take your business to the next level. It leads to faster processing times, improves accuracy and increases efficiency. It enables better risk assessment, improves your customer experience and reduces your costs. 

    Would you like to know more about the revolutionary power of REALYTIX ZERO? Contact us!

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    Automated underwriting is a process that uses technology, automation, algorithms, and artificial intelligence instead of human beings to analyze a client’s risk in real-time. It has become an ally to provide insurance products to clients with a fully digital customer experience, filling the gap between risk assessment processes and the new clients´ demands. 

    Manual underwriting is a process that depends on a person to assess risks, also requires numerous information from the client about the risk itself, and involves lots of paperwork and time. Once the client can provide the underwriter with the required information, the underwriter then needs to assess the potential risk to provide an insurance quotation to the client.

    While manual underwriting can be an attractive option for complicated risks, in many cases it involves a drain on time and resources. On the contrary, automated underwriting is completed fast and in real-time using advanced algorithms and software in order to assess a client´s risk. 

    An automated underwriting system is a platform that delivers advanced analytical modeling and predictive capabilities directly into existing and new business processes. Insurers can make better-informed and fairer underwriting decisions more quickly by reducing the number of questions asked and information required, therefore improving overall claims conversion. It also empowers insurers to improve objective risk analysis, leveraging the agnostic detection of patterns and connections in application responses that would typically be time-consuming and hard to identify only with the human eye.

    An automated underwriting system speeds up the customer journey allowing insurance carriers to provide insurance products just with the click of a button.