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Welcome to the revolution in insurance product design

REALYTIX ZERO empowers our customers to make the market, not just time it

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    This is how REALYTIX ZERO makes your life easier:

    Using REALYTIX ZERO, product owners and developers can create new products quickly and efficiently and adapt fast to changing market conditions by using data-driven insights. No more reliance on third-party providers or delays driven by busy in-house IT departments or legacy technologies.
    • Accelerates innovation by empowering you to create new products in just few weeks.
    • Enables autonomy by giving you full control and flexibility to self-configure and adapt your insurance products where and when you need them. 
    • Instantly test & roll out products and product changes without requiring any technical skills or IT-support.
    • Iterate & respond quickly to changing market conditions.
    • Save time and money by getting rid of excel and manual processes.
    • Utilize data insights into your portfolio performance in real time to spot trends, identify opportunities and adjust enhance the performance of your business.

    Our solutions for your workflow

    Creating a new insurance product smoothly and easily

    REALYTIX ZERO was specially designed to enable users to create insurance products fast like never before. Our self-configurable capabilities allow users to design and configure the different elements of their insurance products. This includes defining data fields, setting up rules and logic, creating workflows and more. The visual interface makes it intuitive and user-friendly, eliminating the need for complex code.

    Bring products live in a matter of weeks  

    Legacy IT infrastructure, limited resources and tight budgets make it very difficult to quickly launch new products, adapt existing ones or introduce new distribution channels. It often takes up to two years from the initial idea to market launch. But speed is key to a competitive edge. With REALYTIX ZERO, you can launch, distribute and scale new or existing insurance products significantly faster, reduce costs and increase process efficiency.

    Leverage data to gain valuable insights

    Valuable data gets lost throughout the manual underwriting process. With REALYTIX ZERO, you can start leveraging this data to gain actionable insights into customer behaviors, risk patterns, and underwriting performance. These insights can inform product design enhancements, pricing adjustments, and underwriting rule refinements, leading to continuous improvement and innovation in your insurance product offerings.

    Improve your customer journey  

    REALYTIX ZERO significantly improves the overall customer experience by streamlining the process into a user friendly, responsive and common-sense experience. Policy applicants receive real-time decisions and quick proposal or policy issuance, reducing the need for extensive paperwork, multiple e-mails and prolonged waiting periods. This convenience and efficiency contributes to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.  

    Let´s dive into some our most revolutionary features

    Product design

    New possibilities, new products

    Fully digital and self-configurable product design, pricing, distribution, and administration on a single, cloud-based, no-code/low-code platform. Leverage a robust API- driven ecosystem to analyse risks, reduce questions asked and integrate seamlessly into almost any internal and external system.

    Interactive customer questionnaires and rules-based underwriting decisions

    With our best-in-class Rules Engine you can configure customer questions and rule-based underwriting decisions that allows you to create a 100% digital high-quality risk assessment without any IT support. Follow up questions, dependencies – all easily set up.

    A syntax you are already used to

    We speak your language

    Don’t know how to code? Know Excel? Whatever your technical knowledge, you’ll know REALYTIX ZERO. Using common typescript and expressions, calculations & input conditions can be easily developed, defined & self-configured—from the simple to complex--then re-used or modified across the platform to support additional products. 

    Dynamic workflows

    Automate & customize workflows based on your specific underwriting process, regardless of the complexity. Self-configure, send, and track quotes, renewals, endorsements, referrals, and notifications to provide efficient servicing for any part of the rate-quote-bind process. 

    Plug-and-play custom APIs

    Extraordinarily strong API capabilities enable easy integration of multiple external data sources or modules (such as AI or machine learning algorithms) at any point in the underwriting process - with a plug and-play approach. Common Sanctions Check, Natural Hazard analysis and other key APIs are already embedded and ready to use without any development effort.

    Powerful pricing for any product

    With our powerful Pricing Engine, you can quickly assess risks to deliver real-time pricing options. React quickly to changing market conditions, adjust pricing, incorporate new assessment criteria, and more as needed and on demand.

    First class-support from real insurance experts

    Not sure on how to implement certain features? Have an idea but don’t know where to start? Our Support-Team is always happy to help! With a deep background in insurance and underwriting, rest assured that our team is on same page with you & understands the entire insurance value chain, its challenges and how REALYTIX ZERO can support you.

    Process efficiency

    Create a new product in just a few weeks

    Legacy IT infrastructure, limited resources, reliance on third-party providers and tight budgets hamper efforts to quickly launch new products, adapt existing ones or introduce new distribution channels. REALYTIX ZERO eliminates those challenges by giving you the autonomy to launch, distribute and scale new or existing insurance products significantly faster which means reduced costs, increased process efficiency, and a quicker path to profitability. 

    Highly modular

    There is no need to recreate the wheel for each new product. Common and complex calculations, assessment questionnaires, visualisations and other elements can be re-used, stored, and accessed for future use, easy modification and use for new products.

    Create documents automatically & on the fly

    Automatically generate slips, quotations, binders, policies and endorsements and all associated e-mails at any point in the underwriting process. All documents can support unique identifiers & naming conventions. And can be white labelled for text, logo, and graphics to maintain and promote brand identity for your or your customers and business partners. 

    Easy & fast distribution

    With our distribution engine with a multichannel approach, you can easily distribute your products through any distribution channel, either through brokers or agents or directly to mobile apps or webpages supporting a fully digital customer experience. 

    No more development efforts – your new product will be instantly available via UI or API.

    Cloud based – always on, always secure & up to date

    Access REALYTIX ZERO anytime, anywhere. Changes will always be saved and visible for the whole team – errors easily recovered and rolled back – thanks to our advanced version control system. REALYTIX also meets and exceeds all existing international security standards. 

    Instantly test & roll out changes

    With REALYTIX ZERO you can deploy new versions of your product with just a few clicks. We have developed safe and redundant test and production environments to give you more control of your product design. This allows you to feel confident its ready, define when to go live and start offering it via any distribution channel in record time.

    Product deployment

    Launching a product has never been so easy

    With REALYTIX ZERO you can deploy new versions of your product with just a few clicks, define when your product is ready to go live and bring it to your distribution channels in record time. No need for in-house development or waiting to get on a vendor’s backlog. With your launched product, there are no more complicated manual processes. A completely digital and automated underwriting process – accessible via a white label UI or API.

    Insights & customer experience

    A new way to use, analyse & adapt your products

    Increase customer engagement with a seamless on demand customer journey. Start collecting your customers structured data and visualize it in real time. This empowers you to drive profitability and growth by leveraging data-driven insights that enable better and faster UW & business decisions. Monitor your Portfolio performance in real time to get a significant impact on the performance of your business.

    Digital portfolio management & data insights 

    With our powerful API capabilities, you can start collecting your customer structured data and visualize it in real-time. This empowers you to drive profitability and growth by leveraging data-driven insights that enable better and faster UW decisions.

    One product – a diverse set of users. Easily managed.

    With our multi-user environment you can self-configure permissions for individual and group users depending on your business strategy enabling a full control of your products and portfolios.

    Product versioning

    With this feature you get access to the different versions created of a product. That allows you to track the performance of your product depending on the version and adjust accordingly.

    Agent UI for an improved customer experience

    Increase customer engagement with a seamless on demand customer journey and decrease client drop-out because of long questionnaires.

    Our product studio allows you to provide your Brokers & Agents with customized and branded UI to manage, quote & bind your products. 

    No more mailing back and forth. Fully customizable to your companies styling needs.

    How to get started

    Let’s talk!

    Requirements sessions (optional)

    Precise proposal

    REALYTIX ZERO onboarding

    Schedule an in-person or virtual demo with our experts to get answers to all your questions and explore even more features and automation possibilities.
    With our technical specialists you’ll have the opportunity to dive deep into the technical possibilities of REALYTIX ZERO and discuss specific requirements and customization requests to create the best version of the product for your specific need and objectives.
    We will quickly deliver a precise proposal that outlines the benefits of REALYTIX ZERO to your organization and considers all the specific customizations you need to make your product a success.
    At REALYTIX ZERO, we consider ourselves an extension of your team -- we are available throughout your journey so you can realize REALYTIX ZERO’s full potential. Personalized onboarding is part of our service and an introduction to your client support specialist who will be your main contact throughout our relationship.

    Simple product setup

    Support along the way

    Launch within weeks instead of years

    Setting up a new or existing product in REALYTIX ZERO is easy. Starting with the insurance questionnaire and other key features, you will get to know and love the more advanced features quickly. Learn how in a Personal Session.
    We have an extensive Knowledge Base that provides you with all the guidelines you need when creating your first product. Of course, if necessary, you can also always reach out to your Personal Customer Support specialist.
    REALYTIX ZERO’s unique self-configuration capabilities and our no-code/low-code platform reduce your time to market to just a few weeks.
    Get products to market 3x faster
    Compared to launching an average insurance product, REALYTIX ZERO can make you at least 3x faster.
    No Limits. Make the market. Scale. Grow. Repeat.
    REALYTIX ZERO empowers you to scale & grow your market share at an unprecedented speed. Reach or accelerate your business goals by getting fast access to new market segments and selling your insurance products through all distribution channels.
    No coding skills required
    REALYTIX ZERO makes it easy for all of your team members to learn how to create flexible & automated insurance products.

    Collect real-time data from product usage

    Easily visualize data insights

    Drive profitability & make better underwriting decisions

    Collecting and responding to data has never been so easy. You define what data to collect and in which format and it will easily be accessible to you via our Analytics API & customized reporting features.
    Easily create visualisations in the tool of your choice. We provide custom-made Microsoft PowerBi visualizations to get you started, but the possibilities are endless.
    Seeing your portfolio performance in real-time enables you to respond quickly and adjust as needed to have a significant impact on the performance of your Business.
    Say goodbye to maintenance tasks and unnecessary capital expenses
    With our ever-evolving, fully cloud-based platform, you can get a significantly lower total cost of ownership (TCO). Say goodbye to maintenance tasks, which in turn eliminates many upfront capital expenses. Once your platform is live, enjoy the advantages of continuous, automatic, and cost-free product upgrades.
    Easy adaptation of your products
    REALYTIX ZERO makes it easy to adapt your product according to your insights and track the performance of your product versions.
    Increase your profitability
    REALYTIX ZERO empowers you to customize your products according to the continuously changing conditions of the market. Now you can be more agile, flexible and fast.

    Would you like to know more about the revolutionary power of REALYTIX ZERO? Contact us!

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