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Data informed,
human inspired

Amplify your business capabilities and outcomes with Munich Re’s Data Analytics Solutions.

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    Transforming what’s possible for business and people.

    Learn how Munich Re’s Data Analytics solutions are Data Driven, and Human Inspired.

    The rapid pace of change means customers need increasing speed and ease in their insurance-buying experience. At the same time, insurers have more complex risks to consider and greater efficiency demands to meet.

    Powered by deep resources, decades of experience, and cutting-edge tools and expertise, Munich Re’s Data Analytics Solutions transform insights into impact along the entire value chain: from automating underwriting, to boosting efficiency, to elevating relationship value with customers.

    Global teams of experienced specialists.

    Our Data Analytics services are built on a foundation of long-term relationships, a client-centered approach, deep domain knowledge, technical proficiency, and shared risk—allowing clients to apply automation, AI, and machine learning with confidence.
    Client-Centered Solutions
    Data-analytic insights inform tailored solutions rooted in business needs, transforming challenges into opportunities.
    Advanced Decisioning
    AI-informed findings and machine learning advance predictions into decisions, empowering partners to provide faster, more refined solutions.
    Transformative Outcomes
    Data-driven decisions, paired with decades of expertise, ensure the highest possible impact for business, people, and communities.
    Trusted Results
    Global teams of experienced specialists assess and monitor AI models, protecting data and sharing the risk of implementing solutions.

    Our deep expertise and innovative capabilities encompass transformative solutions and trusted consulting.

    Munich Re’s Data Analytics Solutions help primary insurers increase profitability by pricing risk more quickly and accurately, identifying opportunity for greater claims efficiency, and harnessing the power of the Internet of Things to prevent loss.
    Data Analytics

    Tailored Solutions­

    Let's partner to transform your business.
    Massimo Cavadini
    Massimo Cavadini
    Senior Executive Partner / Global Leader of Insurance Solutions
    Janet Wesner
    Janet Wesner
    Head of Analytics, Munich Re US
    North America
    Reinhard Paul
    Reinhard Paul
    Client Management Executive
    Weihao Choo
    Weihao Choo
    Partner - Regional Head Asia Pacific
    Weihao leads the regional consulting team at Munich Re, which develops and provides solutions to reinsurance clients across Asia Pacific. The consulting team comprises of actuaries and data scientists, and works closely with underwriters, natural catastrophe experts, IT and other specialists. Weihao started his career in a primary insurer in Singapore before joining a consultancy in Sydney. When Weihao joined Munich Re back in Singapore in 2017, he was initially the head of enterprise risk management for the APAC MEA region. Weihao subsequently took on the head of consulting role in 2019.