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Data analytics solutions

Turn your data into profitable growth

Our data analytics solutions can unlock undiscovered potential in your portfolio. They provide the invaluable granular insights you need to transform your company. With this outside-in knowledge, you can create a competitive advantage and get fit for the future. The insights also enable you to allocate your limited resources to exactly where they create maximum value.

Munich Re offers an array of targeted solutions to optimise your business processes along the value chain. Whatever combination you choose, our data analytics portfolio delivers real financial value for your company. 


The better you understand your customers, the more accurately you can steer your portfolio. Find out who your highest-value customers are and how to enhance the performance of other segments.

Insurance pricing & underwriting

Tap into your internal data to bring your pricing and underwriting to the next level of excellence. We’ll show you how, with individualised solutions in line with your strategies.


The quality of your claims management can mean the difference between profit and loss. Our solutions let you handle routine claims efficiently, understand where best to allocate resources and support in anti-fraud implementation measures.

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Benefits of using Munich Re's data-driven solutions

  • Navigate the complex and constantly changing risk landscape
  • Adapt to changing markets, consumer behavior, and technology
  • Meet competitive pressure with confidence
  • Steer your property and casualty insurance business
  • Realize profitable growth and efficiency that positively impact your balance sheet

Profit from Munich Re's data analytics expertise

Solutions as individual as your unique needs and goals
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As a leading international reinsurer, Munich Re is equipped with in-depth global and local market knowledge, huge data inventories and analytics expertise. In line with our focus on long-lasting partnerships and value-added for each client, we combine these capabilities and place them at your fingertips precisely according to your needs and strategic objectives.

This approach is your guarantee of our commitment. Because we are deeply invested not only in our proprietary risk models and tools, but also in our long-term relationship with you. In short: Munich Re and your company cooperate as equal partners – with skin in the game. 

From data to decision

Thanks to cloud-based technology, you can conveniently access data insights via an intuitive web-based user interface. Alternatively, we will integrate scores and automated decisions via APIs directly into your company systems and business processes.

AI, analytics, interactive interfaces

Our data analytics service offering draws on cutting-edge technology like artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and big-data analysis. As sophisticated as the solutions are, you can access the results conveniently via our web-based interactive visual interface. That means you can focus on your core business and enhance your organisational efficiency and day-to-day decision-making.

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Nivien Shafik
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Massimo Cavadini
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