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Digital Solutions

Empowering the digital evolution of Life & Health insurance in Greater China

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    Munich Re has been a pioneer in digital innovation for Life and Health insurance, supporting our clients with global expertise and local knowledge in their digital transformation journeys.

    Munich Re Digital Solutions (慕再科技) combines our strength in traditional reinsurance with digitalization to broaden the range of services and increase the flexibility of client support by offering a range of locally cultivated innovative solutions. We help clients unite technology for unlocking growth, data insights for ensuring confidence, and risk capacity for enabling trust.

    Explore our solutions across your value chain

    Our next-generation risk assessor and selector, iRisk, provides enhanced risk selection accuracy at the application stage, further streamlining the underwriting process to increase profitability, improve efficiency and an improved customer experience.
    • Increased accuracy through a combination of internal and external data.
    • Reduced potential anti-selection and fraud from data-driven risk assessment.
    • Accelerated underwriting process through real-time risk scoring results
    Health Assistance Platform (HAP) is a digital services platform connecting insurers and medical service providers, allowing health services to be embedded into life and health insurance products and made directly accessible to policyholders. As a one-stop solution, HAP also facilitates provider selection, service quality control, as well as plug and play IT infrastructure. Insurers benefit from increased efficiency when adding services and managing providers. 
    Medical Service Organisation (MSO) is a comprehensive medical insurance management solution providing claims settlement with risk engine, medical networks and medical services. By combining traditional reinsurance and MSO as a bundled solution, we help our clients share risk, improve operational efficiency and ultimately, enhance the profitability of medical insurance. 

    Medical networks and health services

    Network management

    Reinsurance coverage

    • Health services
    • Direct Payment for Internet Hospital
    • Claims and billing processing
    • Data interaction and management 
    • Supplier selection and rejection
    • Case management and collaboration
    • Statistics and analysis
    • IT system implementation and management
    • Product responsibility
    • Pricing
    • Claims
    • Service fee 
    Improved operational quality and client experience
    Risk management
    Risk sharing

    Why Munich Re Digital Solutions China?

    Technology for growth
    Our technologies enhance your underwriting processes, increase straight-through processing rates, reduce acquisition costs, accelerate claims resolution, and advance your business growth.
    Data insights for confidence
    Our data-driven risk assessment reduces potential anti-selection and fraud, generates and measures leads, and makes decision-making and workflow management more efficient.
    Risk capacity for trust
    Our expertise and capacity for shared risk means we take the risks that you write by means of our digital solutions – setting us apart from other software providers.

    Munich Re Digital Solutions China has an excellent track record empowering and supporting our clients

    40 +
    100 +
    vendors connected
    100 +
    products launched with customized solution
    ~ 5million
    policyholders served yearly
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    Allen Yan (严能)
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    Naijia Liu(刘乃佳)
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    Munich Re Digital Solutions China