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Life & Health Digital Solutions in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa
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Life & Health Digital Solutions in Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa

Life and Health insurers across Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa are at different stages in their digital transformation journey.

At Munich Re, we are committed to developing digital solutions that help our clients to manage and grow their business confidently.

We unite data and digital ingenuity with the full strength of our reinsurance expertise to inform and reshape risk paradigms, modernize processes and operationalize across the value chain. 

We empower insurers toward risk precision by facilitating faster, smarter decisioning and engineering digital innovations that enable the industry to be more accessible, accurate and profitable.

As experts in both traditional and non-traditional disciplines, our risk-sharing partnership model helps insurers anticipate market needs, and we develop unique insights and solutions to existing, long-standing industry concerns. 

The technology and tools available today transform Life and Health risk management.
We are committed to:

Providing and delivering best-in-class digital solutions for life & health powered by data, advanced analytics and artificial intelligence that close digital gaps and enable agile digital transformation.
Innovating across the value chain to modernize capabilities around product development, risk assessment, sales, claims handling, driving increased efficiency, accuracy and a seamless customer experience.
Developing risk-sharing partnerships to support clients in the confident and compliant adoption and operationalisation of digital solutions that unlock the potential of new business opportunities.
Daniel Cossette
We bring a collaborative approach to problem-solving, delivering digital solutions that leverage the full strength of our reinsurance, underwriting, integrated analytics, biometrics and medical & clinical expertise.
Daniel Cossette
CEO, Life and Health Asia-Pacific, Middle East and Africa
Tobias Frenz
Our goal is to be the partner that helps the insurers along their digital transformation journey, with a focus on transformative solutions.
Tobias Frenz
Head of Digital Solutions
Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa
Gerry Raftopoulos
Through our domain knowledge, together with best-in-class technology, commitment to long-term partnerships and continuous investments in R&D, we help insurers achieve their business aspirations and provide excellent customer experience.
Gerry Raftopoulos
CEO MR HealthTech

Munich Re provides a variety of digital solutions across the Life and Health insurance value chain, with local, regional or global applicability:

Munich Re Automation Solutions: Providers of world-leading digital new business solutions, from automated pre-assessment and underwriting engines with analytics insights to AI-driven augmented underwriting solutions.


Dynamic Risk Calculator, India: A web-based predictive analytics tool that enables real-time prediction of an applicant’s risk profile in respect of adverse selection and/or fraud with suggestions around appropriate risk checks and underwriting requirements. This ensures stricter scrutiny for high risk applicants and smoother onboarding for better risk profiles.

iRisk, China: Our next-generation digital risk assessment solution utilises internal and external data together with predictive models for a more accurate risk selection at the application stage. This data driven risk scoring streamlines the underwriting process and increases profitability by reducing potential anti-selection and fraud.

Our expert teams support the implementation and operationalisation of AI and Advanced Analytics across focused areas along the insurance value chain with a focus on sales, underwriting and claims. 
Augmented Underwriting with AI
Our flagship, next-generation risk assessment solution combines AI models and data to augment and streamline existing underwriting processes. This results in material improvements in straight-through-processing rates and overall customer experience. This can also be complemented with non-disclosure-, fraud-, early claims-models or mobile/activity based risk scores for a more refined risk selection and improved claims experience.
We support the sales process through propensity-to-buy AI models using insurance, retail, bank, mobile/wearable data; optionally refined with an underwriting AI risk score. These risk scores also support cross/up sell campaigns or cross/up buy transactions. Overall our models increase sales, transforms the customer experience, optimise the use of marketing budgets and personalise the onboarding of customers’ journeys based on their individual risk profiles.
Augmenting claims with AI
This targets the increased automation of life or medical claims as well as the detection of fraud, waste and abuse in medical claims. The result is an overall improved customer experience, increased operational efficiency and reduced claims.
Our modular AI solutions comprise everything from AI model development, system integration, hosting, monitoring and maintenance to comprehensive AI risk implications, fairness and explainability analysis.  Optional reinsurance financing is available to overcome budget constraints.  

IQ2Life, Middle East: An online platform to automate the quotation process for group, new, renewal and experience-rated health or group life business. This automation ensures a faster and more consistent underwriting process, efficiency gains and potentially higher successful conversion rates for brokers and insurers.

Group Life Underwriting Workspace, Africa: A flexible and intuitive SaaS online quotation solution for group employee benefits with integrated workflow management and monitoring functionality to facilitate group quote automation, quote consistency and a fast turnaround.

Munich Re HealthTech: Specialists in developing innovative digital solutions for the health insurance industry. With solutions such as MEDNEXT 10, an end-to-end health insurance management system, SMAART for portfolio monitoring and reserving, as well as SHIELD for medical claims adjudication and fraud detection, we provide the tools to transform your business and accelerate growth. 


IQ2Health, Middle East: An online platform to automate the quotation process for group, new, renewal and experience-rated health. This automation ensures a faster and more consistent underwriting process, efficiency gains and potentially higher successful conversion rates for brokers and insurers.

Health Analytics Suite, Middle East: This solution offers analytical tools for provider/clinician profiling and risk driver assessment to identify fraudulent or abusive claims, change provider behaviour and reduce costs.

HealthPass by MedNet, Middle East: A customer-centric mobile health ecosystem providing digital health services and customer journeys beyond the traditional health insurance mobile app functionalities.

Health Assistance Platform, China: A digital services platform connecting insurers and medical service providers seamlessly at low cost and high efficiency. Provides health advice, chronic disease management, medical VIP and concierge services.

Munich Re Markets manages financial market risks embedded in insurers’ savings and investment products – enhanced by white-label technology to digitize investment-linked life insurance to increase sales and customer satisfaction. 

In low interest rate environments, investment-linked products provide an attractive alternative to traditional fixed income backed saving products. However, telling the sales story of such products can be challenging. A set of Software Suites supports agents to better explain and customers to better understand financial products – providing explanation, configuration and self-service of investment-linked life insurance. With simple integration into existing frontends, innovative web tools enable insurers to increase conversion rates in the sales process as well as customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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