Knowledge Series - Non-objectifiable diseases - Impact on insurance

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Non-objectifiable diseases

Impact on insurance

Non-objectifiable diseases are a centuries old phenomenon. Some disappear again quickly. Others, as for instance light whiplash cases, have been around for decades. New technologies and working conditions, rising living standards, as well as commercial interests of the pharmaceutical industry and medical professions regularly lead to the recognition of new diseases, which are then more or less accepted by society, medicine and law. Thanks to modern media, it is nowadays easy to quickly spread information about such diseases worldwide. Burnout, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome and PTSD are just some of the most current examples.

The costs for the insurance industry resulting from these diseases are immense. Apart from health and accident insurance, liability insurers are increasingly affected as well. This publication wants to give some food for thought: How do the different actors involved – insurers, media, healthcare, patients and legal system – interact? What options do insurers have for dealing with non-objectifiable diseases?

Publication Non objectifiable Diseases - Munich Re

Non-objectifiable diseases Impact on insurance

Knowledge Series
Risk, liability and insurance

Date of publication: 2012
Language: English
Order No.: 302-06241


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Extract from the contents

  • Introduction
  • An overview from the sociological perspective
  • The insurance medicine perspective
  • PTSD, railway spine and whiplash from the perspective of a medical historian
  • Liability for whiplash
  • Liability for post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Contentious diseases in private disability insurance
  • Non-objectifiable diseases and workers’ compensation
  • Work-related stress in Australia
  • Depression, burnout, and chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Addiction and German social law

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