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Knowledge Series

Within our Knowledge Series we provide our clients with comprehensive background knowledge and latest analyses for major topics of the insurance industry.

Technology, Engineering and Risks

Publication Cyberrisks - Munich Re Cyberrisks
Challenges, strategies and solutions for insurers

Rapid progress in the IT sector has consequences for insureds and insurers alike. The failure of IT systems can lead to substantial disruptions of both public and private life.

Natural Hazards

Publication Severe Weather in North America - Munich Re Severe weather in North America
Perils • Risks • Insurance

With its latest study “Severe weather in North America”, Munich Re provides comprehensive analyses on how loss figures are impacted by changing exposures and behaviour, by natural climate swings and by man-made climate change.

 Publication Severe Weather in Eastern Asia - Muniche Re Severe weather in Eastern Asia
Perils • Risks • Insurance

Nowhere in the world are weather risks changing faster than in Eastern Asia. Severe weather in Eastern Asia addresses weather hazards in that region from the viewpoint of a leading reinsurer.

Claims Management

Publication Claims Management - Munich Re Claims management following natural catastrophes
Events • Lessons • Contingency plans

“Claims management following natural catastrophes” looks at major natural disasters in the recent past and seeks to draw conclusions that can help the insurance community in further enhancing its preparedness and claims management capabilities.

Risk, Liability and Insurance

Publication Asbestos - Munich Re Employers’ liability for
occupational illness and injury

A familiar risk in a changing world

Publication Asbestos - Munich Re Asbestos
Anatomy of a mass tort

The compensation of asbestos-related diseases is the prototype of an emerging risk and the largest and longest-running of all mass torts, beyond the individual time horizon of those involved.

 Publication Non objectifiable Diseases - Munich Re Non-objectifiable diseases
Impact on insurance

Non-objectifiable diseases are a centuries old phenomenon. Some disappear again quickly. Others, as for instance light whiplash cases, have been around for decades.

Publication Compensation Pain Suffering - Munich Re Compensation for pain and suffering
New trends in Europe and the USA

In almost all personal injury cases and some non-personal injury cases, compensation for pain and suffering, called by a different name and defined differently in almost each legal system, is one of the heads of damage that have to be paid for by the liable party and its insurer.

Publication Tort Law Liability Insurance - Munich Re Tort law and liability insurance
An intricate relationship

Are liability insurers aware of their own role in developing tort law practices?

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