Topics Risk Solutions - Issue 4/2013

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Topics Risk Solutions 4/2013

Severe weather events are occurring with increasing frequency all over the world. In fact, several dozen storms hit North America every winter, causing ever increasing amounts of loss-relevant damage.

The right insurance protection compensates financial losses resulting from natural catastrophe damage. Our engineers at Hartford Steam Boiler are also experts in risk management and prevention. They know how companies can prepare themselves for storms and other natural hazards and do an ever better job of protecting their operational installations. With rules that are as simple as they are effective.

That prevention pays off is also evident from the load-safety training courses offered by KA Köln.Assekuranz Agentur. Companies that invest in loading know-how can minimise transport losses, increase client satisfaction and reduce their insurance premiums.

Topics Risk Solutions 4/2013 - Munich Re

Topics Risk Solutions

Insurance solutions for industry
Issue 4/2013



Extract from the contents
  • Winterstorms in North America:
    Meteorological scenarios and their loss potentials
  • Cyberrisks: New CIP-concept
  • Cargo: Investment in security loading training
  • Column: Piracy - Keeping ahead of pirates

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