Topics Risk Solutions - Issue 3/2014

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Topics Risk Solutions 3/2014

We listen carefully, when talking with our clients. This is why we know of their fear that greater risk transparency for the insurer automatically leads to higher insurance premiums. This can be the case, but the opposite is also true. One example is the new, detailed flood risk maps in NATHAN, which have attained an unmatched level of accuracy. This more precise mapping shows that many locations are far less exposed than previous models have assumed. These new findings are of course incorporated into customised premium calculations, which take individual risk exposure into account. With NATHAN, the exposure to natural hazards of entire industry segments can be reviewed, such as the exposure of the automobile sector worldwide to the hailstorm risk or the degree to which production sites of the semiconductor industry around the world lie in flood plains.

Topics Risk Solutions 1/2014 - Munich Re

Topics Risk Solutions

Insurance solutions for industry
Issue 3/2014



Extract from the contents
  • Globally consistent natural hazards assessment:
    Nathan offers transparency across the entire globe
  • 40 years of Geo Risks Research
  • Meteorite: Russia gets a warning shot
  • Natural hazards: Underwriting needs sound knowledge

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