Topics Risk Solutions - Issue 2/2015

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Topics Risk Solutions 2/2015

Almost no day passes without the media reporting on cyber attacks, and the consequential loss and misuse of corporate data. For many sectors, including the food and textile industries, tourism, luxury articles and cosmetics, hacking poses a threat to reputations and success in business. We offer a comprehensive solution that can provide indemnification for loss of earnings following a scandal and that can be adapted to the special needs of a company. Reputational protection is one of the most important components of a company's risk management.

Entrepreneurs and top managers also need their own, personal risk management. With our D&O Scout app for tablets, you can discreetly and confidentially determine your exposure and – if you so desire – find a suitable primary insurance partner directly.

Topics Risk Solutions 1/2014 - Munich Re

Topics Risk Solutions

Insurance solutions for industry
Issue 2/2015



Extract from the contents
  • Life Science: NDBI solution reduces the risks, even by M&As
  • Cyber attacks: Customised solution offers the perfect balance of insurance and IT security
  • The new Digit@ll solution
  • Executive Liability: new D&O Scout app
  • Column: Weather gone wild

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