Topics Risk Solutions - Issue 2/2013

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Topics Risk Solutions 2/2013

Major infrastructure projects like bridges, airports and power plants are increasingly being financed privately. Yet the risk profile for these ‘delay-in start-up’ or ‘advance loss of profit’ covers have in recent years undergone lasting change. In 2012, our colleagues in Corporate Insurance Partner (CIP) Engineering worked together with interantional primary insurers and reinsurers, brokers and loss-adjusters to bring basic understanding of the nature and function of insurance protection for delays in construction up to the latest level.

Topics Risk Solutions 2/2013 - Munich Re

Topics Risk Solutions

Insurance solutions for industry
Issue 2/2013



Extract from the contents
  • Transparency regarding building progress
    Understanding how DSU covers work
  • Warranty for LED performance
  • Hurricanes defy prediction Preparing properly is the best protection
  • Column: Years of drought looming

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