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Market requirements

Workers' Compensation Insurance

Workers' compensation systems are as varied as the markets are numerous. Whether they involve the participation of the state or the private sector, suitable insurance models are ultimately determined by a range of different parameters.

The laws and regulations differ from country to country, including rules regarding product design, differing definitions of the terms "occupational accident" and "occupational disease" and the list of occupational diseases. The list may be open or closed, and it may differ depending on the scope and type of clinical pictures defined.

An additional hurdle is access to market-relevant data, which are of major benefit to product design, scope of cover and the amount reserved. And even if information on other workers' compensation systems is available, this fact does not necessarily solve the problem of interpreting the different systems in a way that makes them comparable.

Munich Re provides answers to many of the questions revolving around the various workers' compensation systems. We know the problems and markets and have access to figures and statistics. We provide our clients with systematic analyses and evaluate these with the aim of generating the best solution based on the multitude of options existing. When state systems are reformed to ensure greater participation of the private sector, we bear in mind changes in the political and economic situation and take advantage of our extensive experience with models in other countries.

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