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Life reinsurance

Our range of services

Life insurers work in a dynamic environment: medical progress, demographic trends and changing lifestyles constantly give rise to new risk landscapes. This demanding situation is made even more challenging by stricter laws and regulations and ever tougher competition. Any company that hopes to meet these challenges must continually develop its business model and steadily optimise its deployment of capital. As a global reinsurer, we support you in these efforts and work together with you to devise customised solutions that are viable for the future.

A selection from our product and service range

Automated underwriting

The ideal combination for sustained business growth is new products, target groups and sales channels coupled with increased efficiency. The best way to achieve this combination swiftly and directly is with automated underwriting.

Capital management

In view of keen competition and current rating and solvency requirements, active capital management is becoming ever more important. Munich Re is the right partner.

Product Development

New business in life insurance is characterised by competition for the best risks. To win these, you need attractive products that address real needs, while at the same time promising sustainable profitability.

Retakaful by Munich Re

Munich Re’s retakaful unit is a fully-fledged retakaful operator licensed by Bank Negara Malaysia in December 2007 to conduct worldwide general (non-life) and family (life) retakaful business.

Risk Management

Successful risk management provides a solid foundation on which to build profitable, long-term business. As a globally leading reinsurer, we offer high-quality tailored solutions for risk transfer, risk assessment and claims analysis.

Munich Re Touch

Touch Life - Munich Re

Touch Life

The growing challenges in life business call for individual solutions and answers. We’re dedicated to finding them in cooperation with you, and Munich Re Touch Life is there to show you how. See for yourself!

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