Guidelines for dealing with journalists

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Guidelines for dealing with journalists

Munich Re respects journalists' independence and favours a strict separation of journalism and public-relations work. When we conclude contracts with journalists (whether salaried employees or freelancers) to act as PR consultants, moderators or authors, we ensure that this cooperation does not influence media reporting about our company or issues related to our company.

In Germany, where Munich Reinsurance Company has its registered office, the guiding principles defined in the "DPRG guidelines for dealing with journalists" of the Berlin-based German Public Relations Association (DPRG) and the statutes of the German Council for Public Relations serve as a basis for our cooperation with journalists. These guidelines are in keeping with those of the German Press Council and the recommendations of the Federation of German Industries for combating corruption in Germany.

In order to provide maximum transparency in accordance with the above rules, the names and places of residence of all journalists who have worked for us either on a salaried or freelance basis during the past two years are published here.

Michael Aberger, Munich, Germany
Dirk Benninghoff, Hamburg, Germany
Bärbel Brockmann, Cologne, Germany
Dr. Melinda Crane, Berlin, Germany
Doris Eichmeier, Glonn, Germany
Christoph Fasel, Mössingen, Germany
Reiner Gärtner, Wangen im Allgäu, Germany
Dirk von Gehlen, Munich, Germany
Leticia Gow, Munich, Germany
Ralf Grauel, Berlin, Germany
Beate Hoffbauer, Berlin/Cologne, Germany
Iris Janke, Dusseldorf, Germany
Peter Kleffmann, Hamburg, Germany
Olaf Kolbrück, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Jennifer Lachmann, Hamburg, Germany
Adrian Ladbury, Bournemouth, United Kingdom
Jane Lanhee Lau, Shanghai, China
Julia Leendertse, Cologne, Germany
Tobias Mandelartz, Berlin, Germany
Tom Meiler, Oberschleißheim, Germany
Stefan Merx, Cologne, Germany
Carl-Eduard Meyer, Hamburg, Germany
Joachim Müller-Jung, Herschbach, Germany
Dr. Tanja Neuvians, Heidelberg, Germany
Dr. Max Rauner, Hamburg, Germany
Victor Reichardt, Berlin, Germany
Martin Roschitz, Hamburg, Germany
Prof. Dr. Konrad Scherfer, Cologne, Germany
Andreas Schmitz, Munich, Germany
Andreas Schuck, Munich, Germany
Harald Schultz, Berlin, Germany
Dr. Hajo Schumacher, Berlin, Germany
Heiko Schwöbel, Tübingen, Germany
Jakob Struller, Cologne, Germany
Sivam Subramaniam, Singapore
Thomas Trösch, Berlin, Germany
Anke Trutter, Munich, Germany

Similar policies are in place at our branches and subsidiaries outside Germany.

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