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Insights with Sabrina Hart
In this interview, Munich Re Specialty Insurance's President and CEO Sabrina Hart discusses the importance of attracting and retaining talent.
Insights with Sabrina Hart
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    What’s keeping you up at night?

    I sleep well, pretty much! Regardless, there are many topics that are top of mind – inflation, advanced technologies, climate risk, customer/broker experience, slowed economic growth and new ways of working, among others. Yet, at the heart of all of these and any successful business is the people – talent that executes and solves problems.

    As such, a key priority for me is attracting and retaining teammates that will ultimately lead Munich Re Specialty Insurance (MRSI) to continued success. With a skilled and capable team, we are better placed to stay innovative and grow. And this topic takes on even greater importance as we think about the type of talent we might need as our business models evolve.

    I often think about the perception of the insurance industry and our collective ability to attract and retain new, talented professionals. The broad perception of the insurance sector doesn’t always reflect reality – and the reality is that the insurance industry is a dynamic and rewarding career option, one that values diversity, equity and inclusion across multiple career paths.

    How are you addressing DEI?

    We focus on an inclusive and learning culture. The Munich Re Group invests in the development of our teams providing numerous growth opportunities. From an industry standpoint, I’d welcome a collective effort to promote the opportunities and rewards of being in insurance, to welcome and engage top talent, and expand access to a fulfilling career in our business. Together, we can evolve the perception of the insurance brand, making insurance a coveted career choice.

    In addition, we know teammates and potential teammates value a learning and inclusive culture. In most interviews I have conducted over the last few years, the candidates always ask about our culture – customers even ask about such. I believe that a successful DEI  strategy comes from the top, and the Munich Re Group is working continuously to ensure that recruiting decisions are made without bias. The company uses different recruitment methods to open the talent pool and is committed to programs involving veteran recruitment and apprenticeships, for example.

    First and foremost, it is our talent and diversity that will differentiate us and propel greater success in the challenging specialty market.
    Sabrina Hart
    President and CEO
    Munich Re Specialty Insurance

    What makes Munich Re Specialty Insurance different?

    First and foremost, it is our talent and diversity that will differentiate us and propel greater success in the challenging specialty market. MRSI brings together the key elements for success. Our focused distribution strategy and dedication to partnerships give our brokers and customers the transparency and access they want. Our breadth and depth of underwriting expertise enables us to bring solutions and capabilities to market, quickly and consistently. Munich Re’s financial strength and stability make us a resilient and responsible player in the market delivering one-stop, simplified access to specialty solutions for our clients.

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    Sabrina Hart
    Sabrina Hart
    President and CEO
    Munich Re Specialty Insurance


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