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Half-year results 2018

In the second quarter of 2018 Munich Re generates a profit of €728m at the previous year’s level, despite high man-made major losses. Munich Re is thus most certainly on track to reach the target for the year as a whole.

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Technology drives future business

Munich Re analyses top future tech trends for insurance companies.

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Heatwaves, drought and forest fires in Europe

Heatwaves and drought across large parts of Europe are causing massive reductions in crop yields this year, while forest fires are burning in Scandinavia. The consequences are billion-dollar losses for agriculture. In some cases, entire harvests have been lost.

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Parts of Germany under water

Non-stop thunder, lightning and heavy rain: western and southern Germany have faced severe thunderstorms since mid-May 2018.

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The 2018 hurricane season

Friday, 1 June marked the official start of the next hurricane season. We have thus taken this opportunity to offer our perspective on the role of insurance in natural hazard risks, and give our predictions for the upcoming storm season.



AI improves security of e-commerce

Online sales keep growing, but involves costly risks such as credit card fraud.


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Risk Solutions

Risk Solutions - Munich Re

Insurance solutions for industrial firms and corporate clients

Complex, financially sophisticated projects require tailored protection. Through its Risk Solutions service, Munich Re offers customised solutions for corporate clients and industrial firms.

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In this issue of our magazine for insurers, we update you on a variety of topics, including Munich Re’s risk research.

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