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Boban Andjelkovic

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    Regularity seems to play no role in the paper work, canvasses, glass work, sculptures and installations of Boban Andjelkovic. The artist experiments with colour and form in as inventive, free and powerful a way as with his image motifs. Employing expressive, sometimes even pastose lines and powerful colouring, he creates unique fantastical creatures, which he presents either alone or in company within his compositions.

    Boban Andjelkovic employs his passionate enthusiasm to bring his protagonists to life. The imaginary world of the artist is populated by beings shrunk to the size of a hand puppet or larger than life-sized figures – often with daring headgear, red boots, eye masks or acrobat costumes, reminiscent of famous comic heroes such as Superman and Batman. For example, the quirky figure with wafting hair and twirling legs, gliding through the landscape of the image composition on roller skates. Rather than an illusionistic image space, Andjelkovic employs a poetic space, generated from sensibility and fantasy, which takes shape through the interplay between colour and design. The artist finds inspiration from everyday life, fashion and art history.

    Boban Andjelkovic creates a colourful and unconstrained world in his work. He invites the beholder to enter this world, to cast off the shackles and cares of everyday life, to let themselves be carried away by the energy and joie de vivre – and perhaps be inspired.

    Boban Andjelkovic (born in 1975 in Serbia) lives and works in Munich.

    Exhibition view
    © Boban Andjelkovic, Photo: Jens Bruchhaus
    Exhibition view
    © Boban Andjelkovic, Photo: Jens Bruchhaus
    Exhibition view
    © Boban Andjelkovic; Photo: Jens Bruchhaus