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Boban Andjelkovic · Hedwig Eberle · Flaka Haliti · Thomas von Poschinger
Munich Re Art Gallery | April 2016 – August 2016

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    The exhibition STARTUPART I presents four artistic positions that – despite their different working methods and forms of expression – have one thing in common: They are all artists at the beginning of their careers. Like start-up business owners, they also have to take risks to bring their ideas to life and weigh up prospects and opportunities in order to stake their claim in the market. Business is not the only environment where you need to differentiate yourself from others, be unique and make your mark. While those of us in the business world talk about innovative force, sustainable concepts and development potential, the world of art revolves around a distinctive script, the search for visual forms of expression, and seismographic flair for the issues of the time.

    The title STARTUPART is symbolic for the start-up scene in the art world. The pieces on display provide an insight into the wide spectrum of current artistic trends. With Boban Andjelkovic, Hedwig Eberle, Flaka Haliti and Thomas von Poschinger, the exhibition showcases four outstanding artists who are just starting out in their career.

    Boban Andjelkovic

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    Hedwig Eberle

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    Flaka Haliti

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    Thomas von Poschinger

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    © Boban Andjelkovic; Hedwig Eberle; Flaka Haliti; Thomas von Poschinger, Photo: Jens Bruchhaus