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Munich Re Art Gallery | May 2018 – October 2018

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    Martin Fengel creates a view of the world in which photography and drawing merge – where detail becomes the protagonist, the seemingly insignificant becomes important and excerpts from reality become an aesthetic artistic composition.

    In his photographs, Martin Fengel primarily focuses on urban topics and themes from nature. His stylistic device consists in the selection of image detail and lighting type. He rejects any other changes. This way, the emphasis is on the commonplace. Incidental arrangements become graceful interplays of shapes and colours, at times reminiscent of abstract painting. Over the years, the artist added drawing as an artistic means of expression. Fengel places his figures on the page with bold, sweeping lines – expressive spontaneity is the focus; the black line is the dominant medium. It is this sensitive detection of the extraordinary, paired with an aesthetic as well as humorous view, that is characteristic of both his photographic and graphic works.

    In RISK FENGEL, Martin Fengel illuminates the broad topic of risk, which includes not only terms such as accident, damage and safety but also creativity, thinking and courage – thus placing us right at the heart of Fengel's cosmos. As a photo journalist, he spent many years travelling the world, as an illustrator, he worked for numerous publications, including ZEITmagazin. In 2010, Martin Fengel adorned the Munich underground station Moosach with large-scale floral motifs from the location's surroundings.

    Exhibition view
    © Martin Fengel, Photo: Munich Re
    Exhibition view
    © Martin Fengel, Photo: Munich Re