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Innovation at Munich Re
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Where we are playing

Munich Re focuses on six strategic innovation playing fields for our activities. Interested?

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    Our innovation playing fields

    Technologies offer great opportunities, for example to address the consequences of climate change or increase the efficiency and flexibility of industrial production. On the other hand, they involve risks, like cyber or privacy risks, which need to be controlled and mitigated. Have a look at Munich Re’s strategic playing fields that we focus on to develop innovative solutions aimed at solving some of the most pressing problems in these areas.

    The mobility sector is facing major shifts that are both fascinating and radical. This applies to the technology and to people’s behaviour in this ecosystem. How can we adapt to these changes and better utilise the potential of innovative products in the mobility sector?
    Cyber risks
    Cyber threats are one of the biggest risks in an increasingly digitised world – for people, public entities and companies alike. Let’s build technology-enabled solutions to keep infrastructure up and hackers down.
    Climate and resilience
    We are searching for ideas that support adaptation and resilience to climate change, safeguard our food supply and ensure uninterrupted renewable power. We support the path to net zero with solutions which bring transparency and reliable performance in carbon capture, use of green technologies and sustainable investments.
    Corporations need to digitally transform in order to stay relevant. Munich Re’s fully enabled IoT approach helps companies to shape their digital journey, solve specific risks of interconnectivity and enable new tech-based business models. We can support you in optimising your operations, while remaining agile at the same time.
    InsurTech 2.0
    How is InsurTech transforming the industry? How can the traditional market benefit from the InsurTech market? Let’s disrupt the insurance value chain and create an innovative ecosystem beyond the traditional boundaries of insurance.
    Digital trust
    Critical business data, processes and relationships are managed using interconnected digital systems. Our digital trust ventures are exploring how we can help businesses address cyber risks and operate with confidence. We foster learning about new technologies that integrate digital trust into complex business ecosystems.

    Innovation is a team sport

    We are able to tackle the most pressing challenges together, with a powerful ecosystem of various partners, experts and innovation drivers. Bring in your skill set!

    Our experts
    Tom van den Brulle -Portrait
    Tom Van den Brulle
    Global Head of Innovation
    offers global co-innovation in all defined playing fields for entrepreneurs, start-ups and corporate partners
    Martin Sondenheimer
    Martin Sondenheimer
    Head of Corporate Venture Building & Managing Director 1880fwd (formerly MR Innovation GmbH)
    offers co-ideation opportunities in all defined playing fields for entrepreneurs, start-ups and corporate partners
    Li Zi Jia
    Li Zi Jia
    Managing Director: Smart thinking Consulting Management (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. / Managing Director: Munich Re China Innovation R&D Center
    offers opportunities to explore innovation stories and digital businesses in China
    Dikla Wagner
    Dikla Wagner
    Head of Tech Scouting for Israel
    unearths new trends and scouts for promising partners

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