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Our people are our greatest asset

At Munich Re, we invest in helping you achieve your career aspirations, wherever you are. Our global career development programmes are available at all our 50+ sites across the world.

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Knowledge is power. Use it to fuel your career. Our career development programmes help you grow your skills, gain experience and expand your horizons. Our comprehensive learning solutions cover topics, from digital workplace to data analytics to risk management. 

Specialised programmes at Munich Re cultivate graduates, high potentials, and leaders. Induction programmes help experienced professionals transition into the world of (re)insurance. And, our general e-learning programmes are available to all employees wherever they’re based.

Additional learning and training opportunities at regional Munich Re offices round out our global career development offerings

Fostering our ability for continuous life-long learning

Munich Re launched the LinkedIn Learning platform in July 2020 for all employees globally. It is part of the commitment to everybody´s development and a new element of our portfolio of learning resources to support our employees in taking charge of their own career. The site offers a wealth of courses to build our skill-sets of tomorrow. And even better – the partnership with LinkedIn Learning is helping us to change the way we are learning and nurturing our ability for continuous life-long learning.


Amanda Ahmet
Absolutely I would recommend LinkedIn Learning to my colleagues. You can completely tailor your training, to hone in on the exact skills you want to develop, whether that is technical knowledge or soft skills. Better staff will lead to better results for our business.
Amanda Ahmet
Compliance & Risk Manager, Bell & Clements, UK

Stand out, excel and accelerate your career

Hydrogen is a Munich Re programme that puts high potentials in the driver’s seat of their career. It cultivates individuals with the drive and potential to take their career to the next level and increase their impact on our business. While requiring a high level of participant engagement, it offers customised development and new levels of visibility on a worldwide platform. Most importantly, it puts you in charge. 

Hydrogen is a catalyst pushing me out of the comfort zone.
Heidi Liu
Munich Re Greater China, Hong Kong
Manager, Agro Client Underwriting
GMP Image

Forging the future leaders in the (re)insurance industry

Our Group Management Platform, GMP for short, is home to a vibrant network of 150 executives and top talents from our businesses around the globe. Bridging generations, the GMP connects our leaders of today with leaders of tomorrow. It’s a springboard for networking, learning and growing together as a global management team unified in its diversity.

Cooperating with leading business schools, this booster programme for leadership skills comes with comprehensive career coaching – and significant added value. GMP has emerged as a powerful tool for succession planning and staffing positions in senior management and on the Board. 

The combination of classroom work, real-life leadership challenges, coaching and mentoring is designed to impart leadership skills in a stimulating and supportive environment. GMP participants praise the opportunity to expand their relationships into the group. Meeting colleagues from all over the world gives perspective – it creates awareness and opens new ways of thinking about what’s possible and necessary for Munich Re today and in the future.

Lifelong learning keeps all of us ahead of the game

Leveraging data and algorithms plays – and always has played – a vital role in the business model of Munich Re. Digitalisation gives us ever-richer data sources from an interconnected economy and new ways of leveraging them for analysis. It allows us to take full advantage of data to broaden insurability. 

As a Munich Re employee, you have full access to the Data Analytics Curriculum to broaden your digital horizon. You tailor the course load to your schedule, development objectives and skill level. Formats range from talks and webinars to e-learning courses. A selection of qualification units, created in close cooperation with top universities, award you a certification upon successful completion.


The competence levels are tailored to the needs of the target groups

Data Analytics Curriculum
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Global access to training opportunities in the area of digitalization 

Digital technology is transforming the workplace, especially at a company with a business model as driven by data and science as ours. The Digital School, our global digital learning platform, offers all employees worldwide access to a rich selection of learning and development opportunities. 

The education units in our Digital School teach about working and leading in a digital environment. They familiarise you with digital technologies and data analytics. We encourage all employees to explore e-readings and videos, join classroom training, and participate in webinars. Formats come in convenient durations, from up to 15 minutes to 4-8 hours. You tailor your investment to your needs, areas of interest, and schedule.


Our innovation strategy sets out our priorities for the digital transformation at Munich Re. The Digital School gives our staff global access to training opportunities in the area of digitalisation.
Doris Höpke, PhD
Munich Re Group
Member of the Board of Management / RI Group
Dr. Doris Höpke; Member of the Board of Management
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Server with wires
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Where IT expertise boosts cyber underwriting 

Assessing cyber risks requires approaches that go far beyond traditional insurance. From ransomware to DDoS to phishing, it takes IT expertise to understand not only risks themselves but the accumulation risk arising from a single realised cyber risk.

To stay competitive in the field of cyber (re)insurance, Munich Re has launched a global cyber expert programme unique in the insurance market, the Cyber Pool. The induction programme helps experienced IT professionals to acquire an additional qualification in underwriting and grow a career in the risk industry.


The Cyber Pool in a nutshell

15 to 18 months
Work-and-learn training with department rotation
1 team project and additional off-the-job training
1 assignment abroad
The cyber expert pool gave me a remarkable opportunity to get my techie feet wet in the insurance business. You rotate through various cyber departments at Munich Re and experience first-hand how cyber security and cyber resiliency can be combined with specialised insurance know-how. In this way, we can develop sensible insurance solutions for companies and private individuals.
Rupert Wimmer
Munich Re Germany, Munich
Member of the Cyber Pool
Portrait Rupert Wimmer
© Myrzik & Jarisch

Where engineers become risk assessors and claims managers

What risks are involved in a construction or technology project? How likely are these risks to occur? Moreover, how much will it cost when they do? 

Munich Re builds on the transferable skills and knowledge of experienced engineers to answer these – and related – questions. To enable engineers to identify and assess risks and damages, Munich Re has created a two-year induction programme that builds on pre-existing engineering knowledge and experience: the Munich Re Engineering Pool.

Its hands-on approach helps engineers familiarise themselves with all aspects of insurance and reinsurance. Mentors support participants in navigating their new career path. The programme is challenging: participating engineers take on full responsibility from day one, handling million-euro projects while completing workshops and seminars.


The Engineering Pool in a nutshell

2-year duration
2 specialisation options
underwriter and claims manager
1 team project and additional off-the-job training
2-month assignment abroad
at one of 50+ Munich Re offices worldwide
As an engineering underwriter with Munich Re, you see new projects and technologies on a daily basis. Keeping a balance between an in-depth evaluation and providing the client with a fast response is the big challenge here. The time in the engineering pool prepared me for what our clients really expect from us: tailor-made insurance solutions for complex risks.
Wolf-Christoph Rauser
Munich Re Spain, Madrid
Senior Underwriter and Alumnus of the Engineering Pool

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