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The future of how companies develop IoT business models

At Munich Re, IoT experts come together and take on a multitude of roles with a single goal in mind: to build ground-breaking IoT solutions.

A world of career opportunities in the Internet of Things

At Munich Re, hardware and software engineers, data scientist, business and software architects, designers, economists and subject-matter experts come together to build IoT operations that take IoT business models to the next level. These teams leverage Munich Re’s globe-spanning ecosystem of business units, technology companies, start-ups and security providers. Their objective: to help insurers and industry partner realise and future-proof smart products and services with the power to disrupt.

Munich Re offers career opportunities in all areas of expertise relevant to IoT products and services at business units all over the world. Shape how governments, businesses, and people interact with smart technologies.

What we look for in IoT experts

Thrives in dynamic environments with a level of uncertainty
Entrepreneurial drive and excellent communication skills
A quick mind and focus on the essentials
Creative and solution-oriented

IoT experts at Munich Re bring an in-depth understanding of risk transfer and substantial experience in developing digital business models to the IoT landscape.

Meet the IoT experts at Munich Re

Elena: Nurturing IoT business models, from concept to go-to-market strategy

With a background in economics and management, Elena works with industry partners to co-create IoT driven business models. Her clients rely on Munich Re’s expertise to reduce the downside risk of their IoT business idea and take it to market maturity. For Elena, this means taking on a multitude of roles in an environment with a strong start-up vibe. She develops use cases and offers advice on how to best build products that support the move of service models, such as CapEx to OpEx. As the project manager, she translates customer ideas for accounting, legal departments and hardware developers and discusses frontend requirements with software engineers. Flat hierarchies give Elena daily touchpoints with management that help her push project initiatives.

There is no such thing as a typical week at the office for Elena. One day at her desk in Munich immersed in an outline for an IoT pilot; another day in a meeting room across the globe, discussing the go-to-market strategy with the executives of an industry partner.

Working on IoT projects at Munich Re is quite different from what you might expect. Less than five percent of what I do deals with actual insurance topics.
Munich Re Germany, Munich
Project Manager in IoT Finance Business Development
Elena joined Munich Re’s IoT branch, armed with a master’s in economics and management studies. She loves the challenges and the start-up mentality there, and the openness and decisiveness of her colleagues.
Working alone solving tasks and problems
Team interaction within Munich Re
Interactions with leads, clients, and external project stakeholders, including 40+ days of travelling per year
Project management for both industry-partner teams and internal teams
New challenges every single day means my job never gets boring. It’s a fascinating mix of creative thinking and business model development, while being firmly rooted in a traditional company. If you have an entrepreneurial mindset and a passion for learning – this is a dream job.

Jan: Building IoT driven solutions for insurers to alleviate business risks in the SME market

Jan Richter
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Jan, Munich Re Germany, Munich, Senior Project Manager in IoT Product Development
With a diverse background in technology, innovation management, software development, and business administration, Jan’s focus is on developing solutions that add value for the end-user.

Jan’s day revolves around bringing existing business models into the IoT landscape. He and his colleagues provide hardware and software that help insurers reduce the complexities involved in underwriting IoT risks. Their turnkey solution comprises data analytics, back-end operations, alerts and monitoring. Jan contributes to several software projects, and his role varies from project to project. As a business developer, he specifies market and customer requirements. As a product owner, he works with agile and waterfall product development tools to build portals, apps, and systems connected to the Internet of Things. And, as a senior project manager, it’s his job to select and adapt tools and methodologies to accomplish the task at hand.

Smooth collaboration is vital to Jan’s projects. He is part of teams where business developers, tech and data specialists can work side-by-side with subject-matter experts from literally any industry sector. As the project’s communication facilitator, his days start with stand-ups. It’s Jan’s job to understand the complexities involved, consider everyone’s perspectives, keep track of the big picture and then translate it all into a set of actions that keep his project on course.

Our projects are steeped in cutting-edge technology. The solutions we build not only minimise risks and offer actionable insights but can prevent incidents from occurring in the first place. We are not just building a tool to manage risk exposure – we are making the world a safer place.
Munich Re Germany, Munich
Senior Project Manager in IoT Product Development
Interaction with internal and external teams
to build an understanding of the project status, identify and resolve gaps.
Working alone
on product documentation to help stakeholders assess if the project is in-scope and on-time.
Software product development
staying on top of the latest industry trends and working with engineering teams on how to best leverage the trends.
weeks of travelling per year
What makes my job exciting is its fast-changing environment. There are no fixed processes. We have flexible structures that afford us substantial freedom to explore and create new solutions. The people I work with have a holistic mindset but take a hands-on approach to tackle challenges in the IoT space. Their energy is inspiring.

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