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Do you need to digitally transform to stay relevant?

Munich Re, your holistic partner for your digital journey and transformation to new business models.

Smart pole position

Disruptors such as Uber or Airbnb have shown that digitization has not changed core needs for products and services, but rather how the experience is delivered to the customer and the value and convenience they offer. Munich Re brings your new and traditional business models to life by managing the digital complexities and risks.

We help you transform your best-selling products and services into smart holistic solutions that put your customers first. Teaming up with Munich Re allows you to safely grow your business and win new customer segments without having to significantly tie up resources or face all of the technology, investment and economic risks yourself.

Munich Re enables your digital journey through cutting edge technology (hardware, software and retrofitting), use-case development, risk management services, ecosystem partners and tailored financial solutions.

Do you want to monetize your IoT transformation?

We help you realize the value of your equipment while keeping risks at bay.

Knowing the unknown

With Munich Re at your side, you can confidently take full advantage of the opportunities of the digital age. As one of the world’s most renowned risk managers, we can protect you better against the economic risks surrounding critical business transitions intended to improve returns. Through monitoring your machinery and its neuralgic points in real-time, we capitalize on the value of data by achieving more transparency around operational risks, embedding incident-preventing mechanisms and uncovering further optimization potential.

With our IoT technology-based solutions, we not only strive for improved operations but also predictable returns.
Torsten Jeworrek, Member of the Board of Management of Munich Re

Are you looking to optimize your operations and keep agile?

Munich Re usage-based solutions equip you to change course flexibly.

Outsmarting the future

You may have long-term financial commitments to outdated machinery that prevent you from fully exploiting the opportunities of this dynamic new environment. However, do you need to own the new equipment or is it the output you care about most?

Keep your focus on your customer mission and leave the showstoppers to us. Munich Re can free you from long-term financial commitments to avoid losing time and money keeping up with ever-changing trends. We can provide you with equipment functionality as well as taking care of operational issues and risks around asset-life cycle management with additional potential for beneficial balance-sheet relief. We can enable your shift from a CAPEX to an OPEX model so you remain flexible and can change course as needed.

Do you need a fully enabled IoT approach to solve specific business risks?

Munich Re offers a complete IoT solution to meet the unique needs of small to medium-sized businesses

It’s about the data

For the SME market, we provide insurers a turnkey package of hardware and software, data analytics, back-end operations, targeted alerts and 24/7 monitoring support to reduce IoT complexity and make it easily scalable. Such a complete IoT solution enables insurers to meet the unique needs of small to medium-sized businesses. With our robust process of aggregating, analyzing and synthesizing millions of commercial data points, your company can deliver everything from real-time customer alerts (that lower risks on selected exposures) to increased profitability (through reduced claims and improved underwriting).

Seeking bespoke financial solutions for your technology or digital strategy?

Munich Re delivers innovative financial solutions to manage an unbalanced business model.

Solutions to new risks

New technologies, ever-growing globalisation and increasingly dynamic markets bring new risks as well as new opportunities. Munich Re develops unique risk-transfer solutions so that your company can focus on core business. By combining entrepreneurialism and risk management, we help reduce downside risk while unlocking upside potential.

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SmartFactory as a Service

Industry 4.0 and digitalisation allow for new manufacturing methods and business models. MHP, KUKA and Munich Re are working together to revolutionise the future of manufacturing. SmartFactory as a Service allows manufacturers to focus on client satisfaction without having to cover non-core areas in value-creation, investment costs and risks themselves.
More information on the partnership

Connected Manufacturing

Munich Re and Bosch agree partnership to develop new business ideas in Industry 4.0.
The aim of this cooperation is to develop new packages of solutions for connected manufacturing. The two companies are combining their respective strengths – Bosch in hardware, software and services; Munich Re in risk and capital management. This holistic approach will make it possible for manufacturing companies to implement connected projects along the entire value chain while keeping risks at a manageable level and applying innovative financial instruments.
Bosch and MunichRe logo
Read the press release

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