Annual General Meeting

Munich Re's Annual General Meeting allows shareholders to advise and adopt resolutions on important matters affecting the Company. Every shareholder may vote at Munich Re's Annual General Meeting, with one vote per share, provided the shares have been registered for the meeting beforehand and are entered in the Company's register of shareholders.

The Annual General Meeting decides on all matters over which it has legal sovereignty, in particular appropriation of profit, approval of the actions of the Board of Management and the Supervisory Board, amendments to the Articles of Association, as well as measures to amend the shareholders' equity. The auditors of German insurance companies are appointed not by the Annual General Meeting but by the Supervisory Board.

Munich Re sends all shareholders entered in the shareholders' register an invitation to the Annual General Meeting and a copy of the agenda. The documents required by law for the Annual General Meeting are accessible on Munich Re's website from the day the meeting is convened.

After the Annual General Meeting, we publish the resolutions immediately on the internet in German and English.


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