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Procurement at Munich Re
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Procurement at Munich Re

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    Acting responsibly and enabling the world to move forward for the better is the foundation upon which Munich Re Group builds value – for our stakeholders and for society as a whole. As a globally operating organisation, the Group procures many different goods and services throughout the world. By purchasing at best total value in terms of quality, time and cost, while ensuring compliance and ethical standards at all times, the procurement functions throughout the Group seek to deliver a substantial and lasting contribution to our success.

    At all locations and along the entire value chain, our procurement activities are shaped by a deep sense of corporate responsibility. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles are at the heart of our approach, and we expect our suppliers to meet them as well.

    We have established the following principles to guide our interaction with our suppliers. These apply to all business units and entities throughout the Group:

    Our Procurement Principles

    We strive to collaborate with suppliers whose goals are in line with ours and who are as committed to sustainability as we are. Our Procurement Principles describe the guidelines we commit to when dealing with external service providers - you can rely on them. 
    Best Total Value
    Honest, Ethical, and Fair Dealings
    Competition and Collaboration

    Our Supplier Code of Conduct

    Munich Re Group’s Supplier Code of Conduct is designed to help ensure that all third-party suppliers pro­viding goods and/or services to a Munich Re company meet our standards for protection of the environment, fair and respectful treatment of their workforce, safe working conditions, zero tolerance regarding corruption, and ethical business practices.

    We would also like to encourage them to go beyond current requirements and work with us together to shape a more sustainable future. Therefore we have defined a minimum set of crite­ria which the supplier must comply with (“Requirement”). In addition, we have defined “Aspirations” that go beyond the minimum requirements and shall be considered as an ambition.

    Whistleblowing Portal

    Promoting a culture of transparency and open dialogue is very important to us. We encourage everyone to report suspected misconduct or violations by Munich Re or by Munich Re's direct or indirect suppliers, in particular violations of human rights and environmental standards. 

    Munich Re offers the opportunity to report possible misconduct or compliance violations confidentially via a secure and confidential whistleblowing portal. 

    The whistleblowing portal can be accessed worldwide, at any time and anonymously if desired at:

    Link to Whistleblowing Portal

    Procurement at Munich Re - Reinsurance

    Overall responsibility

    Central Procurement, the central purchasing division of Munich Re, is responsible for the acquisition of all goods and services for the reinsurance group.

    Its overarching strategic functions include demand, category, supplier, and contract management as well as ensuring compliant ordering practices (key concepts: risk mitigation, compliance, anti-fraud). 

    Our vision

    Our vision is to partner on an equal basis with all stakeholders, balancing quality, cost and time, and ensuring transparency and efficiency.

    E-Procurement at Munich Re

    To ensure efficient and transparent procurement management processes for our employees and suppliers, Munich Re has implemented Coupa's e-procurement solution in its procurement process. The cloud-based purchasing tool digitizes the entire ordering process, from catalog maintenance to requisitioning, approval, ordering and invoicing. There are various options for collaboration based on your company's individual requirements. 
    Learn more here: 

    More information

    In our download area, you will find Coupa manuals as well as our country-specific documents such as "General Terms and Conditions of Purchase" and other procurement-relevant documents.