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Cyber Solutions

Cyber insurance solutions specifically tailored to the needs of companies in the entire value-chain.

The growing use of information technology (IT) in society and industry has major repercussions for everyday life. Increasingly sophisticated methods of collecting, processing and storing data are not only changing our working lives and social contacts, but also establishing new parameters for industry, trade, traffic and transport, as well as for the supply of energy and raw materials.

Get to know our custom tailored cyber insurance solutions.

Digit@ll – Our insurance solution for digital risks

We provide the right pieces of the puzzle, 
helping you to see the full picture and creating tailored cyber insurance solutions to match your specific risk situation.

Vector ‒ Cyber protection for the world´s largest companies

Munich Re has joined forces with Beazley to offer 
world’s largest companies the broadest cyber protection for digital assets and IT infrastructure.

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