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Tailor-made solutions for industrial clients

We take your risk management to the next level

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Protect your digital assets

Our cyber insurance solutions are specifically tailored to the needs of large companies in the entire value-chain.


Assessing and insuring property risks

In times of increasing natural catastrophe (NatCat) events in terms of both size and frequency, ever stronger international dependencies, digitalisation and new emerging risks, it is important to find an insurance partner who understands these dangers and the possible consequences for your business.


Engineering project risks

Large-scale engineering projects, such as roads, bridges, tunnels, airports, seaports, hydropower plants, dams or mines, call for specialized technical and insurance knowledge.

In times of constant change, industrial clients need a reliable and competent partner for their insurance needs. We develop individual transfer solutions for clients to help them support and sustain business growth.

Reinsurance Life - Munich Re

Industry Topics

Spotlight on topics many industries are currently challenged with, for example cyber risks, reputational risks and business interruptions.

Reinsurance Life - Munich Re

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Quick access to our offerings, sorted by lines of business.

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