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Life & Health Digital Solutions in North America

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    With an unrest for what's next, Munich Re is leveraging data and technology to deliver new insights and solutions for our clients across the Life insurance value chain in North America.

    New industry paradigms require that we continually advance our capabilities. In North America, we invest extensively in our market-leading reinsurance solutions to ensure we are continually delivering value to our clients.

    We have become a digital reinsurer with an unprecedented business transformation spanning analytics, technology, data partnerships, automation, and more.

    Digital innovations enabling the industry to be more accessible and accurate.
    Mary Forrest
    Next-generation risk assessment is bringing an immense amount of available data together with extraordinary computing capabilities. Our goal is to apply best-in-class predictive models to deliver superior insights.
    Mary Forrest
    President & CEO, North America Life & Health

    Uniting data and digital ingenuity to inform and reshape risk paradigms, modernize processes and operationalize across the value chain.

    Patrick Sullivan
    Life insurance risk assessment has become a complex endeavor requiring deep expertise in data science, medical underwriting and technology. Our solutions employ cutting edge innovation to get people insured faster and with a better experience.
    Patrick Sullivan
    Senior Vice President
    Munich Re Life US

    Digital solutions in focus

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    We are leveraging data and technology to deliver new insights and solutions for our clients.

    Focusing on: 

    Risk precision, enabling faster, smarter decisioning 

    Digital innovations, enabling the industry be more accessible, accurate and profitable

    Augmented risk insights backed by data, technology, and capacity, ensuring confidence