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Advance with confidence

Munich Re’s Life & Health Digital Solutions

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    The technology and tools available today will take Life and Health risk management to a new level.

    The life and health insurance industry is reaching an inflection point, with several trends driving a rapid acceleration in the shift to digital platforms.

    With better access to data combined with predictive models and advanced computing capabilities, exciting new pathways for market expansion and insurer growth are emerging.

    At Munich Re, we provide digital solutions to help our clients harness new data, new technology, and new insights.



    With a focus on risk precision, we are enabling faster, more intelligent decision-making.  

    Through digital innovations, we are helping the industry to be more accessible and accurate.  

    And by delivering augmented risk insights backed by capacity, we are helping our clients advance with confidence.

    Globally, our dedicated teams are building sophisticated digital solutions to modernize underwriting and risk management capabilities and unlock the potential of new business opportunities.

    By collecting and analyzing large portfolios of data, Munich Re is enabling biometric portfolio evaluations, evidence-based risk selection, accelerated application processes, and customized product development. 

    We adapt to what’s happening now while we work with our clients to define the future of the industry.

    With advanced analytics and top talent, Munich Re is at the forefront of the science of reinsurance.

    As our world changes, we will constantly change with it, rising to meet the challenges our clients face and redefine the industry together. 

    Dr. Thomas Blunck
    Our access to top talent and advanced analytical methods keeps us at the forefront of the science of reinsurance. The accuracy, predictive power, and automation that new technologies and expertise bring are transforming the Life and Health businesses of our clients.
    Dr. Thomas Blunck
    Member of the Board of Management


    Digital innovation across the value chain
    Equipping carriers of all sizes to approach the future with confidence

    Munich Re is committed to supporting clients in developing or augmenting new distribution channels
    Product Development
    Building new products and solutions to meet our clients unique business needs and address the modern consumer
    Risk Assessment
    Leveraging expertise and deep domain knowledge to support clients’ current and future underwriting paradigms
    Portfolio Management & Analysis
    Provide meaningful insights to our clients on multiple portfolios of risk
    Claims Management
    Deliver solutions that help our clients more efficiently manage claims payment risk

    Global expertise, dedicated solutions

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    Ross Mayne
    Ross Mayne
    Chief Executive Officer
    Munich Re Automation Solutions Ltd
    Gerry Raftopoulos
    Gerry Raftopoulos
    Chief Executive Officer
    Munich Re HealthTech
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    Sven Erichsen
    Managing Director
    Munich Re Markets Digital
    Puneet Bakshi
    Puneet Bakshi
    Senior Vice President Strategy & Business Transformation
    Munich Re Life US
    Declan O'Neill
    Declan O'Neill
    Head of Digital & Innovation Strategy
    Europe & Latin America
    Tobias Frenz
    Tobias Frenz
    Head of Digital Solutions
    Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa