Integrated Analytics
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Integrated Analytics

Transforming the Assessment and Management of Life Insurance Risk

Munich Re's North America Integrated Analytics team employs data science, data engineering, and cutting-edge tools to deliver transformative solutions for assessing and managing life insurance risk.

Our rapid execution and constant innovation in both modeling and deployment set us apart in the industry. 

Collaboration drives better outcomes.

We have the unique ability to focus on driving better outcomes for your business, with an observant eye across the entire market. We efficiently build solutions powered by a team of experts that are tailored to your business while respecting privacy and fairness.

We marshal our own resources and collaborate with leading third party visionaries and vendors to bring additional expertise and insight, sharing our research through papers, events and presentations, all in order to provide better outcomes.

Architecting a better view of risk

The life insurance industry is reaching an inflection point, with rapid acceleration in the shift of sales to digital platforms. Munich Re is creating a world where any carrier, big or small, has access to best-in-class risk assessment to increase insurability and reach more customers, the tools to increase the value to policyholders and the transfer of optimal risk. As leading experts in risk assessment and analytics, Munich Re is committed to developing the cutting-edge tools clients need to grow their business intelligently.

Data Engineering Case Study Spotlight | Building a robust, web-based application backed by well-grounded software practices

Munich Re's Data Engineering team recently delivered a web-based, client-facing application that is now used in the client's daily underwriting workflow – allowing the client to receive case data and provide model scores through API requests. In this case study, we explore the many design decisions and technical expertise that made it possible to build and integrate a non-trivial underwriting solution within a short timeframe. This process is the software development and deployment cycle in action, customized to align with the evolving insurance industry and our client's specific needs.

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Continuous learning. Constant improvement. 

To get ahead, we are leveraging advanced analytics and novel infrastructure to elevate risk assessment and to streamline formerly complex processes. To stay ahead, we are constantly learning and implementing new tools and techniques. Current areas of focus include natural language processing, machine learning, model interpretability, bias detection and cloud services.

Join the team and design the future.

We are architects of the future where analytics is leveraged to make better decisions and improve quality of life. We take pride in building a talent base of curious minds and strategic thinkers. Domain knowledge of life insurance and reinsurance is vital to our work but we celebrate the diverse experiences each member brings to Integrated Analytics. We are data scientists and data engineers, but we are also actuaries, biologists, statisticians, computer scientists, project managers, writers, and inventors. Join us! 

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