Clarity at the point of risk assessment

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    Architecting for a better view of risk

    The life insurance industry is reaching an inflection point, with rapid acceleration in the shift of sales to digital platforms. As leading experts in risk assessment and analytics, Munich Re is committed to developing the cutting-edge tools clients need to grow their business intelligently.

    Introducing alitheia, an industry-transforming risk assessment and instant decisioning system that helps carriers grow with confidence, while revolutionizing the customer buying experience.


    As a turnkey solution, alitheia allows clients to:

    • Rapidly expand instant decisioning with limited increase in mortality cost.

      alitheia applies artificial intelligence to make real-time adjustments to the application process for more precise risk assessment. This allows clients to achieve their desired mortality cost while significantly increasing throughput.

      Modernize the buying experience.

      By intelligently determining the questions and evidence pertinent to an applicant, alitheia dramatically shortens the application process, optimizes evidence costs, and issues decisions instantly.

      Accelerate with confidence given built-in access to reinsurance.

      Backed by Munich Re’s gold-standard risk assessment expertise, alitheia provides an unmatched level of confidence and trust as carriers grow their accelerated programs.

    Munich Re’s transformative risk assessment engine helps clients accelerate decision-making and grow their business intelligently.


    Munich Re is uniting cutting-edge analytics with the latest thinking in risk assessment for instant clarity at the point of risk sale.

    alitheia assimilates available data with customers' answers to a series of dynamic,reflexive questions at the point of sale.
    Throughout the application process, alitheia assesses the distribution of risk, and provides a decision instantly vs. providing a decision in weeks or months.

    Market shifting rapidly to digital

    In many industries, online interaction has already replaced in-person sales.

    Instant decisioning

    Consumers expect an “instant” online experience while brokers demand straight through processing.

    Reduction of traditional evidence

    Carriers forgo blood and urine samples with accelerated underwriting.

    New data sources

    Availability of third-party data for health information and new risk predictors.

    Cost reduction

    Evidence optimization allows for real-time cost-benefit-analysis per requirement

    New entrants

    Insuretechs are capturing increasing share of new sales.

    Power Behind alitheia

    Munich Re Life US

    As a leader in Life Reinsurance innovation, Munich Re brings a collaborative approach to problem-solving, delivering solutions that leverage the full strength of our reinsurance, underwriting, integrated analytics, biometrics and medical/clinical expertise. In keeping with our commitment to expanding insurability through innovation, we are introducing alitheia, an industry transforming risk assessment and instant decisioning platform.

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