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Individual Reinsurance Solutions

Delivering solutions that create real value for insurers so they can grow their relationships with their clients

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    A partnership approach designed to help you adapt and grow successfully

    Munich Re is a long-time leader in the Canadian marketplace and our global insights have made us a mainstay for Individual Life and Living Benefits reinsurance. We take a unique partnership approach to our clients' business. We have embraced all the digital world has to offer and we are here to help you leverage new sources of data to uncover new markets. With the experience on our books and the willingness to challenge the status quo, we are here to help you thrive in a shifting landscape. We will help you adapt and deploy any tool or technology — or develop any tool or technology yet to be imagined. 
    Local risk expertise
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    Understanding your priorities enables us to deliver higher value

    Understanding each and every client—markets, products and unique requirements—is a critical component of our partnership strategy.  As the landscape of the Canadian insurance industry shifts dramatically, we are prepared to deliver higher value. We provide a suite of services to help our clients adapt and grow successfully while remaining focused on a rigorous approach to risk management.

    Global reinsurance support with local risk expertise

    Our Canadian Individual Reinsurance Solutions team are experts in risk assessment, pricing, and actuarial modelling. Leveraging our global insights for the local individual insurance market, we assist our clients by providing targeted, customized solutions. Reinsurance solutions are catered to your unique business needs. 

    Leveraging the technology that is driving the future

    Medical advancements coupled with technological innovation are reshaping traditional thinking about disease, disability, and associated risks. Munich Re is already utilizing predictive analytics, machine learning, wearables, and digital assistants to answer insurers’ changing needs.

    We choose to ask the questions that will reshape how traditional insurance is assessed: How do we replace the need for fluid testing with alternative insights? How can we digitize medical records so Canadians have a 360-degee view of their health? What role do wellness platforms play in keeping people healthy and happy?

    Leveraging technology
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    Primary contacts
    Amit Malhotra
    Senior Vice President, Individual Risk & Digital Solutions
    Graham Sutton
    Assistant Vice President & Actuary, Individual Reinsurance Solutions
    Rachel Zhang
    Rachel Zhang
    Assistant Vice President & Actuary, Individual Reinsurance Solutions
    Philippe Guay
    Philippe Guay
    Assistant Vice President & Actuary, Individual Reinsurance Solutions

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