Korea Electric Power Industry Code (KEPIC)

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Korea Electric Power Industry Code (KEPIC)

Hartford Steam Boiler (HSB) has provided nuclear and non-nuclear inspection services for manufacturers as an authorized agency of KEPIC since 1999, including Nuclear Civil Scope (KEPIC SN) in partnership with KAERI (The Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute).

KEPIC is defined as a set of integrated codes and standards applicable to the entire process of design, manufacturing, installation, and operation of electric power facilities including nuclear power plant, thermal power plant, and transmission/transformation/distribution facilities so as to secure their safety and reliability.

KEPIC was developed by utilizing international standards applied to domestic standard power facilities, with the resulting code being equivalent to, or exceeding, technical aspects of the reference standards. Administration requirements are adjusted to be suitable for domestic situations, and QA requirements are differentiated for nuclear and the non-nuclear applications. 

- Nuclear: The domestic criteria are established using the Certification System (QA certification program, Authorized Inspection, Registered Professional Engineer, etc.)

- Non-nuclear: Internationally recognized ISO 9000 QA certification system and the authorized inspection system for non-safety class pressure vessels are adopted for each application.

Client Benefits

  • Single Source Inspection Service – Hartford Steam Boiler can perform inspections to all of your pressure equipment requirements. 

  • Global Coverage – Our engineers and inspectors around the world allow us to cost-effectively manage complex, multi-site inspections involving a variety of standards. 

  • Local Presence – We have local representation in Europe, Asia and the Americas so you can strategize globally and act locally.

  • Responsiveness – HSB responds quickly to urgent situations that require accelerated project schedules and high levels of responsiveness.

  • Global Inspection Staff – HSB has more than 450 pressure equipment inspectors and supervisors. We have National Board nuclear and non-nuclear commissioned inspectors in Asia, Europe, the Middle East, North and South America.

  • Client Focus – HSB ensures that the delivered services meet clients’ needs and requirements. Services can include everything from incoming material approval to installation and testing.

  • Experience – HSB brings together our knowledge of the ASME Codes and Standards, quality program development and surveillance activity, and combines it with our unique understanding of many international codes, which helps you save time and money.

  • Support – Hartford Steam Boiler is approved to perform pressure equipment inspections to almost all international codes and standards and often assist clients with design reviews and product inspections for international use.

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