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Hartford Steam Boiler Group subsidiaries

HSB Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company

Our Canadian counterpart, The Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company of Canada (HSB BI&I) is a leading provider of equipment breakdown insurance and engineering services in Canada. HSB BI&I offers its insurance products and services through reinsurance agreements with other insurers and through insurance brokers and agents. BI&I also provides a host of engineering and consulting services to businesses, institutions and industrial concerns.

HSB Engineering Insurance Limited

HSB EIL is a leading engineering insurance and inspection company serving customers in the United Kingdom, Ireland and the European Union. HSB EIL offers accredited inspection services through its subsidiary, HSB Engineering Insurance Services Ltd. HSB EIL backs those inspection services with insurance policies that help customers protect their assets.

HSB Solomon Associates LLC

The premier provider of benchmarking services and performance improvement consulting for the global energy industry. Specifically, HSB Solomon Associates LLC focuses on the petroleum refining, petrochemical, pipeline, terminal and power generation markets.

HSB Professional Loss Control

The international risk management consulting firm specializing in unbundled property loss control and related services. HSB Professional Loss Control provides independent, client-focused consulting services for hazard and risk identification, risk-analysis, protection system evaluations, and risk mitigation strategies. Their highly experienced engineers focus on reducing risk of fires and explosions and providing solutions to business continuity issues.

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