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Explosion catastrophe in China

Dieter Berg, Head of Business Development Marine Global Partnership at Munich Re, talks to Topics Online about the explosion at the Port of Tianjin.

Munich Re

Results of the 1st half-year 2015

Munich Re raises profit guidance

Munich Re raises profit guidance for 2015 to at least €3bn, with €1.1bn profit in second quarter.

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The Magazine for Insurers

Improved flood protection for New Orleans

After the catastrophe wreaked by Hurricane Katrina a reliable flood control system was developed on the basis of a comprehensive study.

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Topics Risk Solutions 3/2015

The calm after the hurricane

Ten years after Katrina. Society and insurers alike have learned from the devastating catastrophe. More information in the new edition of Topics Risk Solutions 3/2015.

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The Magazine for Insurers

The new IT Security Act

The German Government passed the new IT Security Act (ITSiG) on 12 June this year, at a time when Parliament was in the throes of dealing with the biggest cyber attack that had ever been launched against its own systems.


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EIOPA has published the "Guidelines on application of outwards reinsurance arrangements to the non- life underwriting risk sub-module“ in spring

In the Knowledge Series, we look at the methods and approaches set out by EIOPA in the Guidelines. Specific reinsurance products are considered and the effect of risk mitigation is illustrated.

Risk Solutions

Risk Solutions - Munich Re

Insurance solutions for industrial firms and corporate clients

Complex, financially sophisticated projects require tailored protection. Through its Risk Solutions service, Munich Re offers customised solutions for corporate clients and industrial firms.

Topics Online - Munich Re


In this issue of our magazine for insurers, we update you on a variety of topics, including Munich Re’s risk research.

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