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40 years of Geo Risks Research

Systematically recording, analysing and investigating climate change, natural catastrophes and their disastrous consequences: those are the core tasks of the Geo Risks Research unit that Munich Re set up 40 years ago.

TOPICS Geo - Natural catastrophes 2013

Central Europe under water

Continuous heavy rain at the end of May and beginning of June 2013 in many parts of central Europe caused serious flooding. The areas most affected by the flooding were in the south and east of Germany but the Czech Republic and Austria were also seriously affected.



The Magazine for Insurers

Solutions for an ambitious industry

The investment costs for satellites and launch vehicles are in the region of US$ 300m. Financing a venture on this scale requires comprehensive insurance protection.


The Magazine for Insurers

Economics from a risk perspective

Michael Menhart about migration and free movement of labour in Europe

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The Magazine for Insurers

Bringing our clients into pole position

Munich Re’s Motor Consulting Unit experts combine professional expertise with a love of cars.



A standard model for non-life insurers

This tool and product can depict the main items in the Solvency II balance sheet, and the analyses forecast the effect of Non-life reinsurance in a multi-year view.

Risk Solutions

Insurance solutions for industrial firms and corporate clients

Complex, financially sophisticated projects require tailored protection. Through its Risk Solutions service, Munich Re offers customised solutions for corporate clients and industrial firms.


In this issue of our magazine for insurers, we update you on a variety of topics, including Munich Re’s risk research.

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