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Risk Solutions

Welcome to HSB Engineering Insurance

We are the UK’s only company solely focused on engineering insurance and inspection services. With underwriting that covers a broad range of technologies and industry sectors, we have the knowledge to show you how, together with HSB, you can stay ahead of emerging risks in a complex world.
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Risk Solutions

Specialist Experience

For over 148 years, equipment breakdown, specialist engineering insurance covers, loss prevention and inspection services have been our primary focus. As the UK arm of Hartford Steam Boiler we have the specialist experience, data and engineering talent to understand and underwrite engineering risks for businesses of all sizes and industry types.
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Risk Solutions

Renewable Energy Insurance

Ever increasing global demand for energy, combined with international commitments to reduce CO2 emissions, has seen exponential growth in renewable energy technologies. These technologies present many unique risk considerations. Not only do they vary enormously in scale, but the technologies involved are developing rapidly and growing in complexity.
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Risk Solutions

Energy Efficiency Insurance

Soaring energy prices, combined with a desire to reduce CO2 emissions, has seen increasing investment in green energy initiatives. With the worldwide energy efficiency market estimated to be worth $152 billion by 2020, and with around 40% of all the energy we consume coming from buildings, there is a major opportunity to cut both emissions and costs by installing energy saving technologies.

Guides to loss prevention


Our series of loss prevention guides provide practical guidance on risk control management.

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