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Strategic Products
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    Meeting change with resilience

    Emerging and intensifying risks are challenges faced the world over. Munich Re US has been at the forefront of developing industry leading risk management and risk mitigation solutions that help narrow existing and emerging protection gaps. Focused on prediction, prevention, and protection, we develop advanced risk transfer products and services that incentivize resilience, and help individuals and communities mitigate the impacts of climate change and other evolving risks.

    Climate Change

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    Climate change can substantially alter a region’s risk position by widening protection gaps that already exist, and by creating perils for previously unaffected areas. Increasingly severe natural catastrophes such as devastating flooding and wildfires, underscore a need for new, forward thinking strategies. Our team of experts helps clients manage climate impacts by sharing extensive expertise and offering pioneering loss prevention measures and risk transfer solutions.  


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    Wildfire risk has had increasingly destructive impacts in recent years and continues to be a growing threat in many regions. Our wildfire protection includes enhanced, high-definition hazard maps, industry-leading risk analysis scoring tools, and updated views of key factors driving more frequent and intense wildfires. 


    Flood events have increased in frequency and severity in both coastal and inland communities, devastating homeowners and businesses and highlighting gaps in flood insurance coverage. Our residential and commercial flood solutions provide flexible, affordable coverage options that help under-protected individuals and businessowners obtain needed coverage for their homes, personal property, and businesses.  

    Parametric Solutions

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    Our parametric coverage enables businesses and individuals to recover faster after a natural catastrophe or extreme weather event. Customized solutions offer quick and easy payouts that can help to minimize disruption to businesses and enable homeowners to make critical repairs and meet other immediate needs.  

    Public Private Partnerships

    Partnering with communities, businesses, and individuals is key to helping the most vulnerable in our societies prepare for, and react to, natural catastrophes and extreme events. These strategic partnerships can help increase public awareness and the development of more effective risk solutions that promote resiliency and aid in faster recovery after a disaster.

    Support to help deliver solutions to your customers. We can provide:

    • Forms, rates, rules, and filing assistance
    • Advanced risk scoring at point-of-quote
    • Setup and training
    • Up to 100% reinsurance support
    • White-label marketing materials 
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