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Identify and assess potential risks and take appropriate measures

Well-engineered risk assessment and compliance solutions

Choose your dedicated solution from our specialised platforms:
Location Risk Intelligence and Data Risk Intelligence

Munich Re has been collecting data on natural events and for almost two decades on risks that can be attributed partly or exclusively to climate change, which serve as the basis for Munich Re’s powerful software solution Location Risk Intelligence.

The same applies to the topic of data security. Here, too, Munich Re has been active for more than 20 years and is considered a global pioneer in cyber insurance. In order to assess the risks to be insured, powerful tools were developed internally, which are now available as the solution Data Risk Intelligence.

Location Risk Intelligence

Location Risk Intelligence

This modular cloud solution keeps you in full control of assessing and managing the risks of extreme natural hazard events and how physical risks change in the future.

You have the choice between four different editions: Natural Hazards Edition to manage physical risks for today’s climate, Climate Change Edition for scenario-based future physical risks, Climate Financial Impact Edition for quantifying the financial impact of climate-related events or Wildfire HD Edition with higher resolution for advanced wildfire risk assessments.

Data Risk Intelligence

Data Risk Intelligence

A comprehensive and at the same time modular SaaS solution for risk-based data protection and IT security management, incl. third-party and cyber risk assessment.

This process-driven solution significantly simplifies and accelerates the management of data protection and information security, and provides organisations with a comprehensive overview of the current status of their data and information protection as well as their IT risk management. With our Cyber Edition you can improve your cyber risk management and the protection of your data against cyber attacks.

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Christof Reinert
We are already working on the solutions of the future, which, for example, take into account demographic factors or climate-related migrations. Or those that can be used to quantify the financial impact of cyber attacks. There will always be risks, it just depends on managing them properly.
Christof Reinert
Head of Risk Management Partners

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