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Shaping a more balanced world

Climate change is causing an imbalance. In many parts of the world, natural catastrophes are hitting harder and more frequently than ever, impacting countless people – including those least able to recover.

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    Leading the way to combat climate change
    See how Munich Re is helping our world regain its balance – today and for the future.
    For 50 years, Munich Re has taken a leadership role in combating climate change in order to contribute to a more sustainable world. Today, through credible expertise, innovative solutions, and climate commitments of our own, Munich Re is helping mitigate the risks of climate change, lessening the depletion of natural resources, and ensuring that underserved communities around the world are included in the quest for resiliency.

    Munich Re experts share ideas on expanding climate resilience

    In our Climate check podcast series, you will regularly get exciting insights into Munich Re's commitment to combating climate change. Don't miss it!
    Ernst Rauch
    Natural catastrophes are more frequent and intense in many regions of the world. Therefore, in order to manage those unavoidable impacts of climate change, we need solutions to protect people and communities, institutions and investors by mitigating the risks.
    Ernst Rauch
    Chief Geo & Climate Scientist / Climate Change Solutions Department

    Innovative solutions

    At Munich Re, we are pushing the boundaries of insurability to help the world advance with confidence. We provide performance warranties for low carbon technologies to encourage their development and adoption, utilize parametric solutions to bridge coverage gaps and accelerate benefits for those who can’t wait for the traditional claims process, and develop policies to increase access to recovery by underserved communities.

    Through our support of nature-based risk mitigation solutions, we encourage the protection of ecosystems that help alleviate the effects of extreme weather events.

    Andreas Dill
    For over a decade, Munich Re has been tackling climate change, enabling business and facilitating finance by de-risking long-term investment and insuring green technologies’ performance.
    Andreas Dill
    Head of established Green Tech Solutions

    Climate commitments

    US$250 billion
    in ESG-prioritized investments

    As part of our Global Ambition 2025, Munich Re will make reductions in the carbon emissions of our assets and our insurance business, pulling out of coal and reaching net-zero emissions for oil  and  gas upstream. In addition, we will do our part to enable climate-friendly technologies and support a future in line with the Paris Climate Agreement.  

    We are members of the Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance and support the founding of a Net-Zero Insurance Alliance. We prioritize ESG criteria in our US$250 billion investment portfolio, which is managed by MEAG, our core asset manager. We also share this ESG expertise with external clients: institutional investors can benefit from the same sustainable asset management we access through MEAG.

    Selected climate commitments over time

    Selected climate commitments over time
    Michael Menhart
    We are deeply convinced that the goals of the Paris Climate Agreements have to be achieved for ecological, social, economic, and humanitarian reasons.
    Michael Menhart
    Head of Economics, Sustainability and Public Affairs

    Credible expertise

    Since the 1970s, Munich Re has charted the trajectory of extreme weather events, garnering a singular reputation for expertise in the impact of climate change on natural catastrophes. 

    By sharing insights and analysis, based on data, with corporations, financial institutions, and investors, we inform and advise the world’s stakeholders. But it all starts with our experts.

    Selected climate expertise

    Thought leadership
    We contribute research, writing, and presentations to further society‘s understanding of the impact of climate change.
    Policy insights
    Our climate data and analysis have helped inform the decisions of policy makers around the world.
    Industry knowledge
    Our deep renewable energy expertise enables us to make investments in this industry
    more attractive.
    Financial awareness
    Our knowledge and data allow financial institutions and investors to better understand the risks within their portfolios.
    Tobias Grimm
    We have been advising our clients on the adverse effects of global warming since the 70s. We have a wealth of experience with respect to loss data from natural catastrophes worldwide and experts on the ground who translate the latest climate science into risk management practices.
    Tobias Grimm
    Senior Manager Climate and
    Nat Cat