PSSR Regulations UK | PSSR Regulations Ireland | Placing duties on every employer/self-employed person to provide a safe workplace/work equipment.
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Boiler/Pressure System Regulations

When using pressure systems, Legislation places duties on every employer or self-employed person to provide a safe workplace and safe work equipment; with designers, manufacturers, suppliers, installers, users and owners having additional health and safety duties.

A wide range of equipment is covered, from autoclaves to air receivers, and safety valves to various boilers (including café steam boilers, wet back boilers, pressurised hot water boilers, etc).

HSB Inspection Services

PSSR Inspections | SI No. 445 of 2012 Inspections

We can provide assistance in compliance with health and safety Regulations for a vast range of boiler/pressure plant and equipment; from pressure vessels and refrigeration systems to air receivers and hydraulics, steam boilers and moulding machines to compressors and power presses.

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HSB Risk Management Solutions

Three engineering consultancy services to help businesses reduce risks, costs, and deliver compliance via improved analysis of their equipment, and health and safety practices;  further split into modules, allowing businesses to build them to fit their business.

Plant and Equipment Guides

Inspection frequencies and detailed diagrams of typical plant and equipment used across various industries, together with the applicable UK legislation for each item.

Technical Bulletins

Covering the latest topical issues relevant to our customers.

Supplementary Regulations