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HSB Construction Insurance

A comprehensive range of insurance policies designed to mitigate construction risks across Ireland

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    HSB Construction Insurance policies are specifically designed with the construction industry in mind, focused on minimising the disruption to commercial, residential, and educational construction projects across Ireland and the UK. From contractors' plant and contract works to machinery movement and installation.

    As a leading construction insurance provider, risks such as third-party liability, delays in construction project start-up and completion, commissioning and testing of machinery, and owned and hired-in plant can all be insured via our elements of cover.

    HSB is committed to providing a superior customer experience through our specialist claims service
    HSB Claims Team

    HSB Construction Insurance in action

    A plant hirer’s customer reported their hired-in excavator had toppled over onsite, and became partially submerged underwater. The excavator's cabin had been deformed, and its electronic controls, engine air intake, radiators, and coolers were all submerged. The engine was deemed to be beyond repair, and the electronic controls needed to be replaced.
    Following an insured’s telehandler’s battery warning light becoming illuminated, a full inspection of the machine revealed a broken fan belt, damaged alternator cable and head gasket, as well as damage to both the engine loom and main chassis loom’s insulation material. The machine was deemed to be repairable.
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