390 Bay Street Office Tower

Sensor Solutions by HSB™ Success Story

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    390 Bay Street Testimonial
    Interior of a church
    © HSB Canada

    390 Bay Street is a 35-storey downtown Toronto office tower with a mix of professional offices, retail banking, and food and services retail tenants.

    Toronto experiences deep freezing temperatures during winter. If water pipes are located towards the perimeter of a building, they can freeze, expand, and cause flooding. Water damage can also be caused by overflowing bathroom and kitchen faucets and failed valves, while pipe blockages can lead to backups. Electrical and elevator equipment can also be subject to overheating, leading to breakdowns.

    “We have a rigorous maintenance process in place, but people can’t be everywhere at the same time. I know that the sensor technology is constantly checking everything, which gives me and the tenants peace of mind that water, temperature and humidity are being monitored on a frequent basis."

    Interior of a church
    © HSB Canada

    The building owners wanted to provide their tenants with an added layer of peace of mind and assurance that valuable property and contents were being monitored and protected.

    Almost 300 sensor and devices were placed in 390 Bay Street - in kitchens, bathrooms, cafeterias, mechanical rooms, elevator rooms, art storage rooms, and around HVAC equipment, exposed sprinklers and domestic piping – monitoring water, temperature and humidity around the clock.

    Since deployment, multiple losses have been mitigated, with over 100 alerts documented, and many tens of thousands of dollars saved due to the detection of water, freezing and freezing pipes. 

    “I didn't need to be convinced of IoT technology. But now, having seen the results, we've already detected and avoided multiple losses in the building. Effectively, they've already paid for themselves. The only regret I have is not putting them in earlier.  “  

    Gareth Hill
    Senior Vice President, Finance & CFO, Munich Re of Canada, Owner of 390 Bay Street