Level up with an insurtech turnkey solution that's revolutionizing the insurance industry.

Our smart sensors protect businesses from major losses, resulting in less claims.
We take care of the moving parts from end-to-end. There is no need to invest in additional personnel, inventory, shipping, marketing, or support.

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    Vancouver high rise and low rise buildings
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    IoT sensor solutions for condos and apartment buildings, including vacation homes and investment properties – for established buildings and those undergoing construction.

    Our smart sensors protect real estate from property damage which can lead to significant financial setbacks and project delays.

    Students walking in a school corridor
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    IoT sensor for schools, complexes and multiple buildings.

    Our smart sensors protect school buildings and equipment against water leaks, freezing pipes, mould, and property damage, which can result in class disruptions and costly repairs.

    Restaurant chef preparing food in kitchen
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    IoT sensor solutions for retail stores, restaurants, bars, grocery and convenience stores, coffee shops, dry cleaners, and more.

    Our smart sensors protect small and main street businesses against equipment failure, inventory and property damage, and business interruptions. These can place significant financial burden on owners.

    Medical fridge with medicine
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    IoT sensor solutions for healthcare facilities including hospitals, medical and dental offices, and long term care homes.

    Our smart sensors protect healthcare facilities from property and equipment failure and inventory damage. These can cause business interruptions leading to delays in medical treatment and essential support.

    Office building in downtown Toronto with a city and street view
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    IoT sensor solutions for small to large private sector and government office premises.

    Our smart sensors protect such buildings against property damage losses, equipment failure, and costly business interruptions.

    Interior of a church
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    IoT sensor solutions for houses of worship, including churches, mosques, temples and all faith institutions.

    Our smart sensors protect houses of worship from property damage losses, equipment failure and interruptions to operations.