High rise towers in the financial district of a downtown city

Specialty reinsurance solutions for insurers

Commercial lines

We offer market-ready commercial specialty reinsurance solutions, in partnership with our network of insurers, to keep businesses ahead of emerging risks.

A server room with data programming design overlay showing vulnerable information exposing cyber security risks

Cyber Insurance

Comprehensive coverage for small to mid-sized businesses, with a choice of seven coverages to provide multiple layers of insurance defense against complex cyber risks.

Complex Technical Risks

Complex Technical Risks

The highest level of coverage, service, and expertise for clients in high hazard industries, including power generation, renewables, mining and metals, and forestry.

Multi-coloured pipes in a commercial boiler room

Equipment Breakdown

Coverage for boiler and machinery, microelectronics, off-premises transportable equipment, cloud computing service interruption, data restoration and public relations.

Commercial Service Line

Commercial Service Line

Covers exterior underground service lines including water, sewer, gas and electrical, from failures due to root invasion, freezing, and wear and tear.

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