HSB Canada and individual privacy

The Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company of Canada ("BI&I") wants our customers, brokers and all business partners to be aware of how and why HSB BI&I handles personal information. HSB BI&I works hard to respect and maintain the privacy of personal information, however, in some aspects of BI&I's business the collection, use and disclosure of personal information is fundamental to the insurance and engineering products and services we provide.

Personal information, for the purposes of these Privacy Principles, means information that identifies an individual. For example: an individual's name, address and financial information is personal information which HSB BI&I may collect, use and in certain circumstances, where necessary, disclose, in the course of providing insurance and inspection services to our customers.

These Privacy Principles may be modified from time to time.

1. Consent and Personal Information

HSB BI&I obtains consent to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information where practical.

When we do collect personal information, we collect only that personal information which is necessary to such obvious or stated purpose. Personal information is typically collected and used by us for insurance purposes such as, assessing risk, processing applications for insurance coverage, providing and servicing insurance products and related services and to determine the status of insurance coverage, to investigate claims and to prevent or deter fraud.

We obtain information from our existing files for these purposes. Additional personal information may be collected through accident investigation inspections, jurisdictional code certification inspections and loss prevention inspections.

Customers may, decline to consent, or revoke consent, to the collection and use of personal information for these purposes but if so, the insurance products and related services and benefits and the assessment of claims may be limited or terminated.

Please refer to Section 8, Privacy Principals called "Contacting the HSB BI&I Privacy Officer for Canada" for information on how to decline or revoke your consent to the use of personal information.

HSB BI&I also provide reinsurance services to other Insurance Companies. Accordingly, in some instances where HSB BI&I accepts risk from an insurer, it is necessary for HSB BI&I to receive and use personal information and carry out underwriting and inspection services relevant to that risk. This is also true in the event of any claim related to such a risk.

2. Collecting Personal Information

Whenever practical, we collect information directly from the individual concerned. HSB BI&I also receives information from Insurance Brokers and from other Insurance Companies who reinsure the risk with HSB BI&I. In some instances, and as is common in the underwriting of insurance and the investigation of insurance claims, we verify information and obtain information from independent source and organizations.

3. Using Personal Information

We use personal information in accordance with the consent provided by the individual to whom the information relates, in accordance with these Privacy Principles, our contractual rights, obligations and the law.

Personal information shall not be used by HSB BI&I employees and representatives for purposes other than as required in the performance of their employment duties.

4. Accuracy of Your Personal Information

HSB BI&I maintains procedures to ensure that the information it uses is as accurate, up-to-date, and complete as possible. However, HSB BI&I relies on Insurance Brokers and those Insurers with which it shares risk to take appropriate measures to ensure that the personal information they provide to HSB BI&I is current and accurate.

An individual may, with proof of entitlement, request to access and if applicable request that HSB BI&I correct information in its possession pertaining to that person. This request may be made by writing to BI&I's Privacy Officer at the address set out below in the Section 8 called "Contacting the HSB BI&I Privacy Officer".

5. Safeguarding Your Information

HSB BI&I applies appropriate safeguards to computer networks and physical files and restricts access to personal information to those HSB BI&I employees, authorized administrators, consultants or representatives who need to know certain information to inspect, assess risk, provide insurance, investigate claims and to prevent or deter fraud.

6. Disclosure of Personal Information

Personal information is sought and exchanged with Insurance Companies with whom HSB BI&I shares risk, and other Reinsurers at the time of assessing an application for insurance and any renewal, extension, variation or cancellation of any issued policy, as well as in the event of any claim, or to asses and price a specific risk, to determine coverage, or investigate claims. HSB BI&I also shares information to combat fraud; where permitted or required by law; or, at the request of government regulators.

HSB BI&I sometimes retains an affiliated company or other independent third party ("authorized administrator") to perform on BI&I's behalf, certain functions in support of the products and services HSB BI&I provides. Such functions could include the underwriting or administering of BI&I's products and services or any related claims. Accordingly, in certain instances these affiliates or independent third parties will be provided with personal information to the extent that it is necessary in the performance of those specific reinsurance, underwriting, consulting, administrative, claims or related services. Affiliates and other independent third parties to whom we disclose information are required to keep personal information confidential and secure.

We do not sell our customer information, customer lists or other personal information

7. Retention and Access to Your Personal Information

HSB BI&I retains personal information only for so long as is necessary to fulfill the purpose for which it was obtained and to meet its legal and contractual obligations. Given the nature of insurance and reinsurance and the on-going exposure to potential claims, where necessary, some of the information collected is kept indefinitely.

An individual or person authorized in writing to act on their behalf may, with satisfactory identification and proof of entitlement, request access or, if applicable, request a correction to personal information that HSB BI&I has in its possession.

The right to access is not absolute. For example, an individual does not have a right to access, if the information requested is subject to a legal privilege, in which case such request may be declined.

8. Contacting the HSB Canada Privacy Officer

The Privacy Officer
The Boiler Inspection & Insurance Company of Canada
390 Bay Street, Suite 2000
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 2Y2

Contact: David Pivato
E-mail: dpivato@biico.com

Should you:

  • Have questions about our privacy practices;
  • Have a request to access or correct your personal information;
  • Wish to decline or revoke your consent to the use, collection or disclosure of your personal information.

Please include your name, address and if applicable, your policy number

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