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Sensor Solutions by HSB™ Customer Story

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    Pazzo Café is a small Italian restaurant owned by Tony Albano. Like most restaurants, equipment is the heart of his business, with refrigeration being the most critical to ensure food safety and freshness. Says Tony, “We serve a lot of chicken product in the restaurant so maintaining the right temperature is critical to ensuring the safety of the food we serve.”

    Tony’s concerns about his refrigeration eased when he installed HSB temperature monitors in all the café’s coolers and freezers. The sensors continually monitor the temperatures day and night and send an alert to his phone should a problem occur. As Tony tells it, “We had an alert on our walk-in cooler telling us it was running too warm. I was able to call the refrigeration repair service and he was able to come in and make the necessary repairs before all the food in the cooler spoiled.”

    On another occasion Pazzo Café nearly lost its entire gelato inventory, but for the alert Tony received telling him of the temperature rise due to the breakdown of the freezer’s capacitor.

    “I’m very open to technology, if it benefits me, why not do it? It works”

    Tony can’t say enough about Sensor Solutions by HSB™. He’s even spreading the word amongst his fellow small business owners. “The guy who supplies my fresh pasta products was in here and I told him about my sensors and the money they’d been saving me. He has lots of refrigeration too, so I put him in touch with HSB and now he has a sensor setup too.” As Tony puts it, “I’m very open to technology, if it benefits me, why not do it? It works”. To find out more about how to reduce losses and provide peace of mind to your customers, contact your Sensor Solutions by HSB™ representative.

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