St. Mary’s Parish

Sensor Solutions by HSB™ Customer Story

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    Interior of a church
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    St. Mary’s Parish is a religious campus located in Middletown New Jersey. It comprises a variety of multi-use spaces including a church, three schools, and a rectory.

    St. Mary’s became a Sensor Solutions by HSB™ client in 2018. Their installation consists of a network of sensors and gateways utilizing cellular communication technology to transmit alerts and to allow the monitoring of the data in real time by several personnel. Sensor Solutions by HSB™ also provides an app to monitor the sensors from a mobile device. These sensors are placed strategically throughout the buildings in places where freezing or water leakage would most likely occur.

    “The parish has avoided $65,000 in freezing and water escape losses since installing the sensors.”

    St. Mary’s employs three full time maintenance people. However, this does not allow them to have people on site 24/7, nor to inspect every part of every building daily. By installing Sensor Solutions by HSB™, staff can be alerted to freezing conditions or water leakage in any of the buildings 24 hours a day.

    General Manager Hank Pecoski estimates that the parish has avoided $65,000 in freezing and water intrusion losses since installing the sensors. In one instance, pipes in the main church froze and burst, but before the water damage could become too expansive, the alert allowed an emergency response to stop the water flow. In another situation, leaking water was detected by the sensors, and the staff mopped it up before it could damage flooring and furnishings.

    To find out more about how to reduce losses and provide peace of mind to your customers, contact your Sensor Solutions by HSB™ representative.

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